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Content Access Management (CAM): Monographs Workflow

Acquisitions & Cataloging Services

Cataloging Workflows (Monographs)

Regardless of whether you are working remotely or are onsite with the item in hand:

  1. Search both the IZ and NZ for a matching full-level complete bibliographic record.
  2. If a matching bib exists in both IZ and NZ, then check whether they are linked or unlinked. Linked bibs have a Home or Network icon to the left of the title. Click on that icon to switch between the linked IZ & NZ records.
  3. Verify that the bibliographic record matches the piece in hand.
  4. Choose the appropriate workflow below based on your searches above:
    1. Bib only in IZ
    2. Bib only in NZ
    3. Linked IZ & NZ bibs
    4. Unlinked IZ & NZ bib
    5. Bib not in IZ or NZ
    6. Bib in NZ is incorrect
  5. Note the name of the workflow (e.g. Bib only in IZ) in order to help with troubleshooting later if necessary.
  6. Follow the steps shown in the appropriate workflow chart below. If you are a copy cataloger you may only tackle the blue steps. If you reach a green step, then please hand off to an original cataloger.
  7. If you run into any difficulties, please reach out to an original cataloger (or supervisor).



















Alma Trainings (cited in the above workflow charts)

1. Intro to Alma Cataloging (video/doc)
2. Intro to Searching in the Network Zone (video/doc)
3. Intro to Alma Holding Records (video/doc)
4. Intro to Alma Item Records (video/doc)
5. Moving Alma Item Records (video/doc)
6. Moving Alma Item Record To New Holding (video/doc)
7. Add Holding and Item To Bib in NZ (video/doc)
8. Moving Holding Record to Different Bib (video/doc)
9. Link a Full Level IZ Bib to NZ (video/doc)
10. Browse Shelf Listing (video/doc)
11. Move PO with inventory to different bib (doc)
12. OCLC Export to NZ (doc)
13. Identify bib with PO (doc)
14. Delete Bib Record in NZ (doc, visible only to applicable staff)
15. Specify Work Order - Process Type (doc)