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Binding Workflow

This document outlines a binding workflow in Alma. 

  1. Search title of the physical materials in Alma.


  1. Find the title and click the Holdings to identify the departmental library.


  1. Once in the holdings record, click ellipses and click “View Items


  1. In item record, select items that should be bound together, then click Manage Selected ->‘Bind Items’.


  1. Then, you will see this screen. Please check the items and if it is correctly displayed, click ‘Next.’


  1. Click the Arrow available in the ‘Work order type.’ Select the ‘Preservation Services,’ then click ‘Create.’


  1. You will have the confirmation message. Click ‘Confirm.’


  1. Confirmation message as well as a NEW ITEM record will be added as below.


  1. If you scroll down to the page, you can see the newly added item record that does not have barcode information as it is added just now by the system.


  1. Click the ellipsis, and click ‘Edit.'


  1. In the Item record editor page, add barcode, the item policy, the enumeration and chronology, and any other fields that need to be added.
  • *If the individual issues are already barcoded, use the barcode from the issue that will appear last in the bound volume. If the individual issues are not already barcoded, assign a new barcode and affix it to the back of the last issue
  • *If the bound volume should go to a different library than the original library location, then please change the permanent location information so the bound volume will go to the correct location.
  1. Click Save.
  2. Print out the item record that shows location, call number, copy number.
  3. Open the Scan in Item page, scan the barcode added to the new item record.
  4. Send the items to Preservation for binding with the print out item record.