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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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Media Housing

Discs should be housed in a pam binder and marked by the cataloger as outlined below.

Exceptions: Do not follow this procedure for materials going to Grainger, Oak Street, Music, or Undergrad, except those that come inside books, e.g. accompanying materials.


  1. Apply double barcodes:
    • Jewel case (back upper right)
    • Pam binder (back upper right)
  2. Write the call number on the interior pam binder sleeve (upper left)
  3. Write the location on the interior pam binder sleeve (upper right)
  4. Print two call number labels from the label macro, and apply labels:
    • Pam binder (front upper left)
    • Jewel case (front upper left)


  • Uni High, Communications, Main Stacks, History, Vet. Med., MPAL, ACES, ARXDVD/ BLURAY discs should stay in their original packaging. 
  • Main Stacks: CDs/CD-ROMs (material in square jewel cases) should be housed in the original jewel case inside a pam binder, but material in larger cases, such as DVDs, do not need to be pam bound and keep them in their original cases.