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Preservation photocopies

The following procedure applies only to photocopied books; if the item in hand is a print-on-demand title, refer to the print-on-demand workflow.

When the item in your hand is a photocopied book, please catalog it as follows.

  1. In Alma, find the bibliographic record for the original print version of the book.
  2. Create a new MFHD for the photocopied book.
  3. The call number should be the same as that of the original print version with the added suffix subfield $$m facsim. (ex. 610.383Da facsim.)
  4. Create the item record. 
  5. Add the reproduction note specific to the photocopied book into the item record in 'Functional Notes - Public Note.'
    The reproduction note will follow this form: Preservation photocopy; Reproduced by Northern Micrographics Brookhaven Bindery (La Crosse, Wisconsin) for University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Preservation Department in 20xx, in accordance with ANSI/NISO Z.39-48 and ANSI/NISO/LBI Z.39.78-2000; Access may be restricted.

GH 5/2008; rev MJKH 6/6/2017; rev CAPT CMWG 1/6/2021

(Previously, the reproduction notes were added into the 530 field of the original print bibliographic record.)