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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Cataloging Services

Acquisitions & Cataloging Services

Alma Location Codes

The following table of Alma location codes should be used by catalogers to determine the location code used in field 852 ‡b and c.

Library Name

Library Code

852 ‡b

Location Code/Streamer

852 ‡c

Display Location Name Suppress from Discovery Write on Item
Architecture and Art Library ARCHART aaacl-nc Closed Stacks No Architecture
aaaexch-nc Exchange
aaainp-nc In Process
aaanew New Books
aaos Oak Street Vaults
aaar-nc Reference Non-circulating
aaares Reserves
aaares-nc Reserves Non-circulating
aaax Stacks
aaax-nc Stacks Non-circulating
aaatemp Temp Storage
aaavlt-nc Vault
aaax-wdn Withdrawn Yes
Center for Childrens Books CCB cbr-nc Reference Non-circulating
(cataloged from printout)
cbx Stacks
cbx-nc Stacks Non-circulating
cbx-wdn Withdrawn Yes
Chemistry Library CHEMISTRY chnew New Books No Chemistry
chnew-nc New Books Non-circulating
chr-nc Reference Non-circulating
chres Reserves
chres-nc Reserves Non-circulating
chx Stacks
chx-nc Stacks Non-circulating
chx-wdn Withdrawn Yes
Communications Library COMMUN cmuinp-nc In Process
cmuper-nc Periodicals Non-circulating
cmur-nc Reference Non-circulating
cmures Reserves
cmux Stacks
cmux-nc Stacks Non-circulating
cmux-wdn Withdrawn Yes
Funk ACES Library ACES agcl-nc Closed Stacks Non-circulating No ACES
agcom Compact Stacks
agcom-nc Compact Stacks Non-circulating
agnew New Books
ago-nc Oversized
agr-nc Reference Non-circulating
agres Reserves
agx Stacks
agx-nc Stacks Non-circulating
agcpupd-nc Urban Planning Documents
agx-wdn Withdrawn Yes
Grainger Engineering Library ENGINEER cimed Illinois College of Medicine No Engineering
cimedsm-nc Illinois College of Medicine Sim Center
engnres Reserves
engnx Stacks
engnx-nc Stacks Non-circulating
engnx-wdn Withdrawn Yes
History, Philosophy and Newspaper Library HISTORY hiaar-nc African American Reference No History
hicl Closed Stacks
hiinp-nc In Process
hinew New Books
neos Oak Street Vaults
hiper Periodicals
hiper-nc Periodicals Non-circulating
hir-nc Reference Non-circulating
hires Reserves
hires-nc Reserves Non-circulating
hix Stacks
hix-nc Stacks Non-circulating
hius Undergrad Storage
hix-wdn Withdrawn Yes
Illinois History and Lincoln Collection ILLHISTLIN ihcage-nc Cage No IHLC
ihinp-nc In Process
hil-nc Lincoln Room
ihlcm-nc Maps
ihlcos Oak Street Vaults
ihlco-nc Oversize
ihlcr-nc Reference Non-circulating
ihlc-nc Stacks Non-circulating
ihlc-wdn Withdrawn Yes
International and Area Studies Library IAS iasch Center for Chinese Studies Collection
iasnew New Books
iasos Oak Street Vaults
iasser-nc Periodicals Non-circulating
iasr Reference Non-circulating
ias-wdn Withdrawn Yes
Law Library LAW lacom Compact Stacks No (does own cataloging, generally)
lacom-nc Compact Stacks Non-circulating
lares-nc Faculty Display
laill-nc Illinois Alcove
lainp-nc In Process
lalock-nc Locked Compact Stacks
laab Media
lam-nc Microforms Non-circulating
lanbst-nc North Basement Storage
lao-nc Oversized Non-circulating
lapsc Practical Skills Collection
larare-nc Rare Books
larra-nc Reading Room Non-circulating
lar-nc Reference Non-circulating
lares Reserves
lasbst-nc South Basement Storage
lax Stacks
lax-nc Stacks Non-circulating
las-nc Superceded
lax--wdn Withdrawn Yes
Literatures and Languages Library LITLANG clinp-nc Classics In Process
Lit. Lang.
clnew-nc Classics New Books
clper Classics Periodicals
clpl-nc Classics Perry Library
clr-nc Classics Reference
clres Classics Reserves
clres-nc Classics Reserves Non-circulating
clx Classics Stacks
clx-nc Classics Stacks Non-circulating
lle Emblematica Collection
llinp-nc In Process
llnew New Books
llo Oversize
llper-nc Periodicals Non-circulating
llp Proustiana Collection
llref Reference Circulating
llx Stacks A
llx-wdn Withdrawn

Main Stacks

*Item Policies for the Main Stacks, please see note.

MAINSTACKS stxc Circulation Desk No (leave blank)
stv Closed Area
stv-nc Closed Area Non-circulating
stcons Conservation
stcons-nc Conservation Non-circulating
st5front Deck 5 Front
st5off-nc Deck 5 Staff Area
std Government Documents
doccl-nc Government Documents Closed Stacks
stdcd Government Documents Computer Disks
doccd-nc Government Documents Computer Disks Non-circulating
docm Government Documents Microforms
docm-nc Government Documents Microforms Non-circulating
docnew Government Documents New Books
std-nc Government Documents Non-circulating
doco-nc Government Documents Oversized
stdr Government Documents Reference
doc Government Documents Stacks
doc-nc Government Documents Stacks Non-circulating
docst-nc Government Documents Stats Collection
stmezz Mezzanine
stm Microforms
stm-nc Microforms Non-circulating
stonord-nc On Order
stper-nc Periodicals Non-circulating
stxref-nc Reference Non-circulating
stxresv Reserves
stserof-nc Serials Office
stx Stacks
stsc Stacks Scholarly Commons Collection
stx-nc Stacks Non-circulating
sttemp Temp Storage
stck Carrel Keys Yes
stx-wdn Withdrawn
Map Library MAP magaz-nc Gazetteers No Map
mainp-nc In Process
mam Maps
mam-nc Maps Non-circulating
maos Oak Street Vaults
maoffma-nc Office Maps Non-circulating
maoff-nc Office Non-circulating
mar-nc Reference Non-circulating
mares Reserves
mares-nc Reserves Non-circulating
maroom Room 408
maroom-nc Room 408 Non-circulating
max Stacks
max-nc Stacks Non-circulating
mavert Vertical File
mavert-nc Vertical File Non-circulating
max-wdn Withdrawn Yes
Mathematics Library MATH mtinp-nc In Process Non-circulating No Math
mtnew New Books
mtnew-nc New Books Non-circulating
mtr-nc Reference Non-circulating
mtres Reserves
mtres-nc Reserves Non-circulating
mtx Stacks
mtx-nc Stacks Non-circulating
mtvlt Vault
mtvlt-nc Vault Non-circulating
mtx-wdn Withdrawn Yes
Music and Performing Arts Library MPAL muq Media Collection No (does own cataloging, generally)
munew New Books
muper Periodicals Cannot Be Requested
muper-nc Periodicals Non-circulating
muplay Plays Collection
murr-nc Ready Reference Non-circulating
mur-nc Reference Non-circulating
mures Reserves
muq-nc Special Collection
mux Stacks
mux-wdn Withdrawn Yes

Oak Street Library

**For all special locations in Oak St., see note.

OAKSTREET osaa Architecture and Art Collection Request Online No (leave blank)
osspr-nc BTAA Shared Print Repository Request Online
osihlc Illinois History and Lincoln Collection - Stored Off-Site
osias International and Area Studies Collection Request Online
osma Map Library Request Online
osne Newspaper Collection Request Online
osgoo Not Available Being Digitized
osrb Rare Book and Manuscript Collection Request Online
ossh SSHEL Collection
osx-nc Stacks Building Use Only
osx Stacks Request Online
osuao University Archives Collection Reading Room Use Only
osua University Archives Collection Request Online
osuar University Archives Research Center Collection
osuas University Archives Sousa Collection
oscic-nc CIC Journal Archive Yes
osproj Digitization Project
oscicspr Shared Print Repository 1
wdnspr-nc Shared Print Repository Withdrawn
osx-wdn Withdrawn
Rare Book and Manuscript Library RBML rbcl-nc Closed Stacks No (does own cataloging, generally)
rbcoll Collection Guides
rbcons-nc Conservation
rbkp-nc Kolb-Proust Collection
rbma-nc Maps
rbm-nc Miniatures
rbos Oak Street Vaults
rbper Periodicals Non-circulating
rbpres-nc Preservation
rbr-nc Reference Non-circulating
rbx-nc Stacks Non-Circulating
rbs-nc Storage
rbts-nc Temp Storage
rbt-nc Theses Non-Circulating
rbvr-nc Vault Reference
rbx-wdn Withdrawn Yes
Residence Hall Allen Library RESHALLALL rhlallg Games No (does own cataloging, generally)
rhlallx Exams Yes
Residence Hall Florida Avenue Library RESHALLFLO rhlfarx Exams Yes (does own cataloging, generally)
Residence Hall Ikenberry Commons Library RESHALLIKE rhlikcd CD No (does own cataloging, generally)
rhlikdvd DVD
rhlikg Games
rhlikid Identity Studies
rhlikj Job-Careers
rhlikmy Mystery-Thriller
rhloffsh Office Personal Development
rhloffc Office Stacks
rhliksh Personal Development
rhlikro Romance
rhliksf Science Fiction - Fantasy
rhlikc Stacks
rhliksg Study Guides
rhlikclf Cliff Notes Yes
rhlikx Exams
reshalarch Residence Hall Location Archive
rhlik-wdn Withdrawn
Residence Hall Illinois Street Library RESHALLILL rhlisrcd CD No (does own cataloging, generally)
rhlisrdvd DVD
rhlisrg Games
rhlisrid Identity Studies
rhlisrj Job-Careers
rhlisrmy Mystery-Thriller
rhlisrsh Personal Development
rhlisrro Romance
rhlisrsf Science Fiction - Fantasy
rhlisrc Stacks
rhlisrsg Study Guides
rhlisrclf Cliff Notes Yes
rhlisrx Exams
rhlisrre Reference Non-Circulating
rhlis-wdn Withdrawn
Scholarly Commons** MAINSTACKS stsc Scholarly Commons Collection No Scholarly Commons
SSHEL SSHEL shc Curriculum No
shinp-nc In Process
shme Media Collection
shm Microforms
shm-nc Microforms Non-circulating
shos Oak Street Vaults
sho Oversize
sho-nc Oversize Non-circulating
shper-nc Periodicals Non-circulating
shr Reference Circulating
shr-nc Reference Non-circulating
shres Reserves
shj S Collection
shjper-nc S Collection Periodicals
shjr-nc S Collection Reference
shx Stacks
shst Storage
shst-nc Storage Non-circulating
shtest-nc Tests
shx-wdn SSHEL Withdrawn Yes
Technical Services TECHSER techserapp Approval Plan Shelf No ( not applied)
techsercon Conservation
UNASSIGNED Records Not Mapped in Location Sheet
techseracq Acquisitions Yes
techserbin Binding
techsercat Cataloging
techserdig Digitization Services
techsererr Error Location
locarchive Locations Archive
techsermis Missing Long Term
techserpre Preservation
techserpur Purchase on Demand
techserref Reference Non-circulating
techserwdn Withdrawn
UIUC Online Collection UIUCONLINE uiuconline Electronic Resources Yes ( not applied)
Undergraduate Library UNDERGRAD ugcs Compact Stacks No Undergrad
ugtec Loanable Technology
ugab Media Collection
ugper-nc Periodicals
ugres Reserves
ugx Stacks
ugvgc Vintage Gaming Collection
ugx-wdn Withdrawn Yes
Uni High Library UNIHIGH uhbiog Biography No Univ. HS
uhf Fiction
uhgn Graphic Novels
uhnew New Books
uhr-nc Reference Non-circulating
uhres-nc Reserves Non-circulating
uhx Stacks
uhx-wdn Withdrawn Yes
University Archives ARCHIVES uaos Oak Street Vaults No Archives
uaros Research Center Oak Street Vaults
uare-nc Research Center Stacks Non-circulating
uasou-nc Sousa Collection Stacks Non-circulating
uasos Sousa Oak Street Vaults
uax-nc Stacks Non-circulating
uastl-nc Student Life Stacks Non-circulating
uaoso University Archives Collection Reading Room Use Only
uax-wdn Withdrawn Yes
Veterinary Medicine Library VETMED veres Reserves No Vet Med.
vex Stacks
vex-wdn Withdrawn Yes



*Item Policies for Main Stacks are below. 

  • Bound Serials – 16/4 Week Loan
  • Individual issues – 2 Week Loan
  • Monographs/other items – no item policy
  • Scholarly Commons Collection - Local Request

**For all special locations in Oak St., please use the Department Library location for the 852 $$b, and the specific Oak St. location code for the 852 $$c. For example. items going to International Area Studies Oak Street should look like this:

852 $$b IAS $$c iasos

***All Scholarly Commons collection will go to Main Stacks with the blue streamer that has the Scholarly Commons written on it. All books also should have the 'Scholarly Commons' written on the book.