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Holdings and Items

If you have a monograph with accompanying materials, please follow the procedure bellow:

  1. Go to List of Holdings, click Add New Holdings
  2. With the mouse cursor on LDR field, click Edit > Open Form Editor (Ctrl+F) to open the LDR and change the Type of Record (6) to (v) Multipart item holdings


  1. Click Edit > Add Field. Enter "853," The first and second indicator should be 2 and 3. The subfield $$8 should be and subfield $$a should be (unit) *Adding the 853 field is optional, it is not required. 


  1. If accompanying materials are separated from the main piece, create an individual item record for each piece that is housed separately. 



When creating labels for pieces:

  1. The piece designated "text" should have a standard label, i.e., no extra line indicating "text"
  2. The accompanying material should have an added line indicating material type

For additional instructions on constructing MFHDs for accompanying material, see Accompanying Material MFHDs