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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Cataloging Services

Acquisitions & Cataloging Services

NACO at Illinois

As part of the PCC's NACO program, a group of catalogers in Acquisitions & Cataloging Services are responsible for creating and editing authority records for contribution to the Library of Congress's Name Authority File (NAF). The library also contributes music-related personal and corporate body records via the NACO Music Funnel. The following individuals are trained in creating and editing personal, family, corporate body, conference, geographic, and work/expression authority records:

  • Jan Adamczyk
  • Diana Eynon
  • David Griffiths
  • Qiang Jin
  • Tricia Lampron
  • Chloe Ottenhoff

Questions regarding authority work at Illinois should be directed to Chloe Ottenhoff.

Local NACO Policies


Generally, NACO catalogers at Illinois are expected to create authority records for materials for which they create original bibliographic records, in accordance with cataloger judgment.

Catalogers should include as much information about the entity being described as appropriate and should include basic biographical information if included in the resource being cataloged. When little or no biographical information is available in the resource, catalogers are encouraged to conduct quick Internet searches to determine more information, within reason.

053 fields (Literary Author Numbers)

Per the Library of Congress's announcement discontinuing the Literary Author Number (LAN) Program in 2018, NACO catalogers may include LAN's in authority records without processing them through LC first. NACO catalogers at Illinois working with literary authors should continue to shelflist Literary Author Numbers against LC's catalog:

  1. Check LC's catalog to determine if an LAN has already been established. If an LAN is already used in LC's catalog, that number can be added to the 053 of the authority record with 2nd indicator 0
  2. If an LAN has not already been established by LC, the cataloger should:
    1. Determine the appropriate class number for the author
    2. Shelflist the author against LC's catalog
    3. Add the number to the 053 field of the authority record, with 2nd indicator 4 and ‡5 IU appended to the end of the field

368 fields (Other attributes of person/corporate body)

NACO catalogers at Illinois are encouraged to use field 368 for personal and corporate body authority records as appropriate. However, catalogers should not make use this field to record information about a person's race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, nationality, etc., unless such information is critical to the individual's bibliographic identity and the individual self-identifies as a member of such a group.

375 fields (Gender)

NACO catalogers at Illinois should only record a person's gender if it is needed to distinguish one person from another, or if it is critical to the individual's bibliographic identity. If either of these criteria are met, catalogers should follow the recommendations laid out in the Report of the PCC Ad Hoc Task Group on Gender in Name Authority Records when using field 375. These recommendations include:

  • Record information about gender as the person self-identifies and explicitly discloses, taking information from readily and publicly available sources.
    • Do not assume gender identity based on pictures or names
    • Justify gender data through use of a 670 field
  • Record Males or Females in accordance with the term used by the person, or with gendered pronouns and/or inflected nouns used in the source. Include ‡2 lcdgt after the term
  • For transgender/transsexual person record the terms Transgender people or Transsexuals in accordance with the term used by the person. Include ‡2 lcdgt after the term