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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Cataloging Services: Holding Records

Acquisitions & Cataloging Services

Search for holdings

  1. We can find a holding record by searching for the bibliographic record that it is attached to. For example, by:
    1. Using an MMS ID for the bibliographic record (you will note that the MMS ID always starts with the digits 99):

    1. Or we can use a Holding record ID (the Holding Record ID always starts with the digits 22).

* Note that you can view an abbreviated list of holdings under the Physical link as shown, the list will be capped at 5 holdings. You can view the List of Holdings by clicking one of the two Holdings links.

  1. If a Holding Record is suppressed, an eye crossed out by a red line appears in the Suppressed column (see holding record #5).

  1. To exit the List of Holdings and return to the bibliographic record, simply click the back arrow or the Back button.