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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Cataloging Services: Holding Records

Acquisitions & Cataloging Services

Add and edit holdings

This LibGuide has three parts:

* For information on adding, duplicating and sorting item records, please see this guide.

Add single-part item holdings

  1. Go to the List of Holdings.
  2. Click on the Add New Holdings link to create a new basic holding record.


  1. The new holding record is automatically opened in the Metadata Editor, which is the primary tool for editing holding records:


  1. You will notice the error message. This is because the 852 field has not been populated yet. Also, the Info tab at the bottom of the page provides a link to the LC specification for the current field.
  2. The call number classification scheme used in the holding record is based on the collection. Determine whether the call number in the holding record should be constructed using Dewey Decimal or Library of Congress Classification using the Classification by Collection table.
  3. The 852 field can be updated as follows:
    1. Use the first indicator to specify the call number classification scheme. According to the LC specification:
      1. 0 is used for LC classification
      2. 1 is used for Dewey Decimal Classification.
    2. For monographs, the second indicator is set to blank as indicated by the hash symbol.
    3. To edit the subfields, with the mouse cursor on the 852 field click on the Edit > Open Form Editor.


    1. Use subfields b & c in the 852 field to specify the library and shelving location codes.
      1. Subfield b contains the specific library code. In this example, we shall select Main Stacks from the dropdown list.
      2. Subfield c contains the shelving location code. In this example, we shall select Stacks Non-circulating from the dropdown list.
    2. Next enter the call number.
      1. In subfield h, enter the Classification Part.
      2. In subfield i, enter the Item Part.
      3. If a Call Number Prefix is needed it is entered in subfield k.
    3. To save changes to the 852 field, click on the Save icon.
    4. In the List of Holdings, you will now see the new holding record:


Add multipart item holdings

  1. Go to List of Holdings, click Add New Holdings
  2. With the mouse cursor on LDR field, click Edit > Open Form Editor (Ctrl+F) to open the LDR and change the Type of Record (6) to (v) Multipart item holdings

  1. Modify 852 first indicator and use Form Editor (Ctrl+F) to modify subfields for the library, shelving location, prefix (if applicable), call number, and suffix (if applicable) per the instructions for single-part holdings.
  2. Create 853 field and add indicators and subfields as follows:
    1. Click Edit > Add Field. Enter "853" as the field tag 
    2. Modify 1st and 2nd indicator, and $$a​, then click Edit > Add Subfield ($$8)
      1. 1st indicator - use 2
      2. 2nd indicator - use 3
      3. $$8 -- use "1"
      4. $$a -- first level of enumeration; for multi-volume sets, use "v"
    3. Click Save




Edit holdings

In the List of Holdings, we can make changes to any Holding Record by:

  1. Click on the ellipsis, then select Edit from the dropdown menu. The holding record is automatically opened in the Metadata Editor
  2. Modify 852 first indicator and use Form Editor (Ctrl+F) to modify subfields.