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Foreign Language Expertise

The following list of language expertise is limited to individuals within the Technical Services Division, and those outside the Division who perform acquisitions and/or cataloging functions (primarily in RBML and IAS). Language expertise is self-reported and is based on the following scale:

  1. Native or near-native competence
  2. Some competence (must consult dictionary)

Please note: this list was compiled in November, 2019.


Afan Oromo Wolde-Medhin, T. (ACS) 2 French (cont.) Trippe, R. (ACS) 1 Portuguese Bermudez, J. (CMS) 2
Wolde-Medhin, T. (ACS) 1 Engel, J. (ACS) 2
Albanian Eynon, D. (ACS) 2 Georgian Condill, K. (ACS) 2 Eynon, D. (ACS) 1
Amharic Wolde-Medhin, T. (ACS) 1 German Birgerson, S. (ACS) 1 Wolde-Medhin, T. (ACS) 2
Arabic Jaber, H. (ACS) 1 Bumpus, J. (CMS) 2 Romanian Eynon, D. (ACS) 1
Sweid, N. (ACS) 1 Condill, K. (IAS) 2 Russian Adamczyk, J. (ACS) 1
Armenian Condill, K. (IAS) 2 Denhart, J. (ACS) 2 Agassi, N. (ACS) 1
Engel, J. (ACS) 1
Azerbaijan Agassi, N. (ACS) 1 Eynon, D. (ACS) 2 Bajric, M. (ACS) 2
Fehr, G. (ACS) 2 Jaber, H. H. (ACS) 2 Birgerson, S. (ACS) 1
Engel, J. (ACS) 2
Belarusian Adamczyk, J. (ACS) 2 Ottenhoff, C. (RBML) 2 Fehr, G.(ACS) 1
Fox, M. (ACS) 2
Bengali Gargya, A. (ACS) 1 Schlaack, W. (Pres.) 1 Serbo-Croatian Adamczyk, J. (ACS) 2
Bosnian Adamczyk, J. (ACS) 2 Sweid, N. (ACS) 2 Bajric, M. (ACS) 1
Bajric, M. (ACS) 1 Trippe, R. (ACS) 2 Fehr, G.(ACS) 2
Bulgarian Adamczyk, J. (ACS) 1 Greek, Ancient Norman, M. (ACS) 2 Slovac Adamczyk, J. (ACS) 1
Bajric, M. (ACS) 2 Schlaack, W. (Pres.) 2 Bajric, M. (ACS) 2
Fehr, G. (ACS) 2 Greek, Modern Eynon, D. (ACS) 2 Slovenian Bajric, M. (ACS) 2
Catalan Engel, J (ACS) 2 Hebrew Engel, J. (ACS) 2 Spanish Bermudez, J. (CMS) 1
Eynon, D. (ACS) 1 Eynon, D. (ACS) 2
Ottenhoff, C. (RBML) 2 Hindi Gargya, A. (ACS) 1 Birgerson, S. (ACS) 1
Chinese Han, M.J. (ACS) 2 Hungarian Eynon, D. (ACS) 2 Bumpus, J. (CMS) 2
Heng, G. (ACS) 1 Italian Bermudez, J. (CMS) 2 Condill, K. (IAS) 2
Huether, S. I. (ACS) 2 Birgerson, S. (ACS) 1 Denhart, J. (ACS) 1
Jin, Q. (ACS) 1 Bumpus, J. (CMS) 2 Donovan, M. (CMS) 2
Engel, J. (ACS) 1
Laih, H.L. (ACS) 1 Denhart, J. (ACS) 2 Eynon, D. (ACS) 1
Engel, J. (ACS) 2
Qi, X. (ACS) 1 Eynon, D. (ACS) 1 Griffiths, D. (ACS) 1
Tuan, B. (ACS) 1 Norman, M. (ACS) 2 Heng, G. (ACS) 2
Croatian Adamczyk, J. (ACS) 2 Pfeiffer, D. (ACS) 2 Lindenbaum, S. (RBML) 2
Bajric, M. (ACS) 1 Trippe, R. (ACS) 1 Mann, S. (ACS) 2
Fehr, G. (ACS) 2 Wolde-Medhin, T. (ACS) 1 Norman, M. (ACS) 1
Czech Adamczyk, J. (ACS) 1 Japanese Han, M.J. (ACS) 2 Potsch, L. (ACS) 1
Bajric, M. (ACS) 2 Huether, S. I.  (ACS) 1 Redenbaugh, T. (ACS) 1
Fehr, G. (ACS) 2 Potsch, L. (ACS) 1 Trippe, R. (ACS) 2
Dutch Pfeiffer, D. (ACS) 1 Korean Han, M.J. (ACS) 1 Tibetan Condill, K. (IAS) 2
Farsi Sweid, N. (ACS) 1 Latin Donovan, M. (CMS) 2 Turkish Agassi, N. (ACS) 1
Finnish Eynon, D. (ACS) 2 Eynon, D. (ACS) 1 Condill, K. (IAS) 2
Engel, J. (ACS) 2
French Baker, S. (ACS) 1 Norman, M. (ACS) 1 Eynon, D. (ACS) 2
Bumpus, J. (CMS) 2 Latvian Eynon, D. (ACS) 2 Uighur Condill, K. (IAS) 2
Fox, M. (ACS) 2
Condill, K. (IAS) 2 Lithuanian Eynon, D. (ACS) 2 Ukrainian Agassi, N. (ACS) 1
Eynon, D. (ACS) 1 Mongolian Condill, K. (IAS) 2 Bajric, M. (ACS) 2
Jaber, H. H. (ACS) 2 Polish Adamczyk, J. (ACS) 1 Fehr, G.(ACS) 2
Pfeiffer, D. (ACS) 1 Fehr, G. (ACS) 2 Vietnamese Engel, J. (ACS) 2
Fox, M. (ACS) 3 Nguyen, C. (ACS) 2
Sweid, N. (ACS) 2       Yiddish Engel, J. (ACS) 1
Engel, J. (ACS) 2