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Authority Maintenance

Authority control is the process of selecting one form of name or title from among available choices and recording it, the alternatives, and the data sources used in the process. It is essential for effective retrieval of resources. It provides consistency in the form of access points used to identify persons, corporate bodies, and works. Authority control is central to the organization for information.

The Authority Control Team is responsible for authority maintenance work for the University of Illinois online catalog.

  • Authority Control Team Leader: Qiang Jin 
  • Rare Books and Manuscript Cataloging: Chloe Ottenhoff
  • Academic Hourly: Deren Kudeki (July 2015 - January 2017)
  • Graduate Assistants: Jessica Good (August 2015 - May 2016);  Hui Lyu (August 2016 - May 2017)
  • Graduate Hourly: Jessica Good (May 2016 - August 2016);  Alice Chen (May 2017 - August 2017)

The Authority Control Team focuses on fixing estimated over 1,000,000  incorrect personal names, corporate names, series titles, and subject headings in our bibliographic records (not including rare books records) in the library catalog.

Process, Results, Sources

The following is the workflow of fixing incorrect person names, corporate names, series titles, and subject headings in our bibliographic records in our library catalog.



 Authority Maintenance Workflow


73.68% of incorrect personal and corporate names in our online catalog have been corrected by computer. They are in MARC, which CARLI needs to upload them to Voyager. The remaining 26.32% of personal and corporate names need to be manually correctedOur precaution is necessary because our catalog is comprehensive.


Bib Record No. Total Automatically Changed Need Manual Correction
0 - 1 million 79,091 63,783 15,308
1 - 2 million 77,073 60,869 16,204
2 - 3 million 65,512 50,427 15,085
3 - 4 million 62,124 46,572 15,552
4 - 5 million 40,843 28,390 12,453
5 - 6 million 27,994 17,788 10,206
6 - 7 million 34,971 23,184 11,787
7 - 8 million 12,378 3,696 8,682
Total 399,986 294,709(73.68%) 105,277(26.32%)


Authority Control Bibliography for the Last Several Decades. See attached pdf below.

Other References

FixAuthorities Code