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Content Access Management (CAM): Monographs Workflow

Acquisitions & Cataloging Services

Copy Cataloging Checklist

When performing copy cataloging of print materials, use the following to check for some common mistakes. This list is not meant to be comprehensive instruction on cataloging, but rather is to help guard against common errors in records.

Bibliographic Records

  • Verify the record is for a print resource
    • Check 300 $a does not say "online resource"
    • Check that 337 is not "computer"
    • Check that 338 is not "online resource"
  • Verify the record is an English-language record
    • Field 040 $b should be "eng" or not exist
  • Verify there is a single 035 field with the OCLC number, formatted as either (OCoLC)ocm012345678, (OCoLC)ocn123456789, or (OCoLC)on1234567890
    • If you have duplicate 035 fields with OCLC numbers, delete the one with format (OCoLC)123456789 and double check your OCLC Connexion export tab settings so that the 035 field is removed upon export from Connexion.
  • If you are prompted with the Bibliographic Duplicate Detection box when saving a record to Alma, verify the record you overlay is for the same OCLC record: title, edition, etc. 

Holdings Records (MFHDs)

  • Verify value of the 1st indicator of the 852 field:
    • 0 = LC call number
    • 1 = DDC call number
    • 8 = other
  • Search call number in Alma to verify uniqueness. If the proposed call number has already been used, modify it as appropriate to the applied call number scheme.
  • Editions
    • If the 250 of the bibliographic record indicates an edition other than the first, make sure to follow the Dewey or LC instructions for treating editions, as appropriate.
  • Multi-part Item Holdings
    • Verify "Type of Record" under the LDR has been changed to (v) Multipart item holdings
    • Set up a multi-volume holding record even if you only have a single volume of the set
      • Does the 300 field of the bibliographic record say something about volumes? If yes, the holdings record should be for a multi-volume set

Item Records

Note: checking the record hierarchy after cataloging is a quick way to double check common issues with item records.

  • Verify the copy number is correct
    • Remember that copy numbers go with the physical piece regardless of the different classification systems, effective from 6/24/2020
  • Verify item records from the acquisitions receipt process have been deleted if not used
  • For multi-volume sets and titles with accompanying material, verify item records have appropriate notations (e.g., v.1, v.2, etc.)