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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Cataloging Services: Using Alma

Acquisitions & Cataloging Services

Alma Global Keyboard Shortcuts

The following are the most commonly used keyboard shortcuts in Alma Cataloging. For a full list of shortcuts and toolbar icons, visit the Ex Libris KnowledgeBase.

General Actions:                                            

F2 – Open/close the main menu navigation bar Use the right/left arrows to jump to other areas of the main menu navigation bar. Use the up/down arrows to focus on navigation links in the visible area.

Shift+F2 – Open the Alma home page

Alt+B – Click Back button

Alt+N – Click Next button

Alt+E – Click Edit button

Alt+S – Click Save button

Alt+C – Click Cancel/Close button

Ctrl+Alt+S – Open the Scanning interface

Alt+R – Open the Returns interface

Alt+P – Open the Pick From Shelf interface

Alt+W – Open the Patron Workbench

List Navigation:                                         

Alt+> (or Alt+. if . is the same key as >) – Next

Alt+< (or Alt+, if , is the same key as >) – Previous

Alt+[ – First page

Alt+] – Last page

Managing Patron Services:                         

Alt + 1 – Opens the Loans tab

Alt + 2 – Opens the Returns tab

Alt + 3 – Opens the Requests tab

Ctrl + Alt + D – Same as clicking Done; returns to the Patron Identification page to enable searching for another patron        

Cataloguing / Metadata-Editor:               

Left-to-right mark / Enter text from left to right - Ctrl + Alt + G                                  

Right-to-left mark / Enter text from right to left - Ctrl + Alt + M                                             

Left-to-right embedding / Embed left to right text within text being entered from right to left - Ctrl + Alt + D                               

Right-to-left embedding / Embed right to left text within text being entered from left to right - Ctrl + Alt + N                                      

Pop directional formatting / Select this option to return to the previous direction in which you were typing - Ctrl + Alt + P