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Cataloging Services: Using Alma

Acquisitions & Cataloging Services

Importing from Connexion

*Make sure to set up your Connexion to Alma export paths and Connexion preferences.

If there is a short record with no OCLC number or an incorrect record in Alma, follow the instructions for Relinking Records.

If a record is encoded as not Full Level, follow the instructions below. For information on searching record in Alma after importing, please see instructions on Searching in Alma.

Import Records From OCLC Connexion

Export Procedure:

  1. With the record you wish to export on the screen, and with the correct export destination selected under Options (see above), click the Export icon: 
  2. After a moment, if the export is successful, you will see a confirmation message on the screen with the MMS ID listed.
  3. You can copy this MMS ID to retrieve the record in Alma.

For more information about the import setting: