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Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian Languages: Croatian Music & TV

Supplementary materials to support first year language program

Balkanika Music Video

Music video from BalkanikaTV.   Music videos from popular artists from Croatia and other republics of the region can be viewed at this site.

Croatian Radio

ListenLive.EU provides access to a wide variety of radio stations based in Croatia.

Croatian Television

WWITv is a good starting place for streaming television from around the world.  If you want to watch the news from the region this is one avenue for checking current events. 

Croatian public broadcast channels that function at the national level include RTL Televizija, Nova TV, Doma TV, and Hrvatska radiotelevizija. Each of these websites offers an overview of the station, programming and scheduling, clips, and in a couple instances live streaming.

Porin - Croatian Music Award

"Porin is the most prestigious record awards in the Republic of Croatia. The award was established in 1993.has been regularly awarded annually since 1994.

Preliminary pioneers and drivers of the awards are composer Brendan Tutić,  Veljko Despot and journalist Drazen Vrdoljak, a founder of the Croatian Composers' Society, the Croatian Music Union, Croatia and the Croatian Radio and Television Phonographic Association.

Symbol of the award is a statue of a height of about 30 cm, which was created by Ivica Propadalo."

Translated from the Porin website.