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Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian Languages: Music & Television

Supplementary materials to support first year language program

Popular Musical Artists: Past & Present

Popular Music Artists change constantly so if you want to see what is currently popular in any of the countries of the region, check out top 100 charts that can be sorted by country. For example, Spotify.

Another such site is "Charts All Over the World." A little messier to use this is still a very good site linking the user to the top songs listed by various pop radio stations in each country.

Balkanika Music Video provides groupings of music videos made by artists from Balkan regions, organized by what is popular in each country.

Radio Stations

A Great website available for identifying radio online is: radio locator. Easy to use, and regularly updated it is an excellent resource for radio from all countries.  It can be browsed by country or by genre.


There are also numerous services that provide digital, international radio via a cable or satellite tv connection.  TuneIn is just one of the services that will allow you to access radio from around the world either on your television or a mobile device.  

Watching Television

There are any number of strategies for locating television and radio stations in other countries.  One site we have found very useful for the countries of the region is

World Wide Internet Television

This site sinks to stations around the world by country. Brief descriptions regarding programming are available.

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