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Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian Languages: Movies

Supplementary materials to support first year language program

Film Festivals

Sarajevo Film Festival is hailed as the premier and largest film festival in South Eastern Europe, and brings celebrities from all over the world to Bosnia Herzegovina. 

Pula Film Festival is the oldest Croatian film festival and is held annually, focusing on Croatian films. 

Split Film Festival is another long running Croatian film festival. This one focuses on new creative and radical works including film and new media, often focusing on more alternative/outsider art.

Cinema City International Film Festival is a Serbian Film Festival which focuses on promoting new film makers, indie productions, and young film authors.




Film in Serbia

The Film Center Serbia is a government institution that provides professional assistance to filmmakers. Their website provides a film database which lists films made in Serbia by year, with in depth accounts of those involved with each film, a brief description, and further information about festivals and awards for each film. The website further provides information on Serbian Film Festivals. 

Similarly, the Serbia Film Commission serves as a non-profit association of professionals and suppliers in the film industry of Serbia who help support the creation of cinema in Serbia. 

Film in Croatia

The Croatian Audiovisual Centre is a government backed agency which works to stimulate and promote cinema and film throughout Croatia. The website provides a Croatian film catalog, a list of film festivals in Croatia, as well as Croatian film news, events, and activities. 

Film in Bosnia Herzegovina

The Association of Filmmakers of Bosnia and Herzegovina is a professional association which gathers filmmakers to promote films made in Bosnia Herzegovina. The website provides a film catalog, information on film festivals, and European film promotion. The Association of Filmmakers of Bosnia and Herzegovina is a partner of the Film New Europe Assocation. 

Film New Europe

The Film New Europe Association serves as a networking platform for professionals in Central and Eastern Europe and the Baltic Region. It works to promote the regional cultural diversity and the voice of the region by providing news about films and information about film festivals. The website offers archives of weekly box office results for Croatia and Serbia.