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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Cataloging Services: Cataloging Setup

Acquisitions & Cataloging Services

Connexion Preferences

Settings in OCLC Connexion are specific to your logon and the particular machine you're working on. Defaults and preferences will not follow you as you move from one machine to another.

The following options should be set to insure the correct workflow at UIUC.  Other options may be set according to personal preference.

To set preferences, select Tools > Options in the Connexion toolbar.

Access Tab

  • Internet access: OCLC default
  • Enable statistics logging: check the box

Authorizations Tab

  • Enter your preferred authorization number(s) and password(s)
  • Set your Default authorization to the one you use daily/most often.
    • If you use multiple logins, you will have the option to select the appropriate authorization at logon

Derive Record Tab

The settings in this tab determine what fields will transfer when you derive a new record from an existing one.

Set as appropriate to your material type, but generally check the following:

  • Bibliographic Records and Constant Data
    • 02X
    • 04X
    • 05X
    • 08X
    • 1XX
    • 2XX
    • 3XX
    • 4XX
    • 5XX
    • 6XX
    • 7XX
    • 8XX

Export Tab

Use the OCLC Connexion / Alma Integration instructions to set up your Export file

Fonts Tab

Under Records and Lists, set "Font" to Arial Unicode MS.

You can set Record and List display and print sizes as you desire.

International Tab

Under Export, select Include all data, with other scripts in 880 fields.


If you are performing original cataloging:

  1. Use RDA workforms when creating new bibliographic records: Check
  2. Enable the RDA Toolkit: Check
    • Use IP authentication: Check

These settings will cause new workforms to default to RDA, and allow you to access relevant parts the RDA toolkit via Tools > RDA Toolkit.