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Create & Use Template for Holding Record

User defined templates provide customized MARC record work screens for original cataloging work. Create templates with default information specific to each of the types of materials you catalog to increase the efficiency of your workflow. You can create templates for holdings records in Alma.

Create Templates

Use this procedure to create a template for a holding record.

  1. In Alma, select Resources > Open Metadata Editor
  2. Go to Templates on the left of the page
  3. Go to MARC21 Holdings.
  4. Click on the plus (+) sign to the left of MARC21 Holdings.
  5. Go to Shared.
  6. Click on the plus (+) sign to the left of Shared.


The house icon next to each template identifies locally created templates versus out-of-the-box templates. Out-of-the box templates have a black house icon. Locally created templates have a blue house icon.

  1. To create the first new template using an out-of-the-box template (with a black home icon e.g. Books (Default)), select Duplicate.


  1. Enter the template name and description, and choose whether the template is private or shared.
    • Private templates are only available to the user who is logged in.
    • Shared templates can be used and edited by any user who has permission to work with templates.
    Select Default if you want this to be the default template that opens when creating a new record.
    Click Save.


  1. Go to the template you have created. Select Edit.


  1. The template opens in the Metadata Editor. Edit the 852 subfields. Use the Control Form Editor to edit $$b and $$c (place cursor in 852 field and use Ctrl + F to open the Form Editor).


  1. Go to File > Save as Template.


Creating a New Template from an Existing Record

To create a template from an existing record:

  1. Open an existing record in the MD Editor (under the Records tab in the left pane).
  2. Select File > Save as Template. The Save as Template dialog box opens.
  3. Enter/select the following:
    • Name (required)
    • Description
    • Private or Shared template
    • Default if you want this to be the default template that opens when creating a new record.
  4. Select Save. The new template is saved under the Templates tab and appears with the local institution icon.

Use Templates

  1. Open a bibliographic record to which you want to add a holding using the desired holding record template.
  2. Go to Templates, MARC21 Holdings, go to the Shared or Private folder, and then select the desired template. Select New to open a holding record based on the template.