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An introduction to the MARC record editing software MarcEdit

Linked Data in MarcEdit

MarcEdit’s linked data tool is somewhat experimental, but it allows users to automatically generate links to resolve access points from the LC or OCLC VIAF authority records. Using this tool, it is possible to append linked data to 1XX, 6XX, and 7XX fields. What follows is a brief demonstration of this functionality and a results comparison based on different options selected.

  1. Open MarcEdit and select MARCNext from the menu. If you do not see it, select Tools►RDA Helper.
  2. Once you have opened MARCNext you should see the following dialog box:

Click Link Identifiers. This will take you to the linked data menu page.


  1. In the top field on the linked data menu page, select the file you would like to generate linked data for. Note: It will have to be a .mrc file.
  2. Specify the name and location of the save file. When you have finished your screen should look something like this:

  1. By default, the Library of Congress ID service will be selected, but you can add additional services and disable the LC as an ID service. MarcEdit will add linked data to a $0 subfield in the 1XX, 6XX, and 7XX field. If you want to generate linked data for subject IDs using WorldCat fast then you will have to check “AutoDetect Subject ID.” You can also change the OCLC VIAF to authority headings for different countries from the dropdown menu.
  2. When you are ready click “Process.” Below I will show the same record with different options selected to get a sense of how these processes.

Regardless of whether or not you select the Library of Congress or OCLC VIAF (which relies on the LC NACO by default), the first 650 subject field is given linked data, but AutoDetect Subject IDs must be selected in order to generate the WorldCat fast ID URLs for the rest of the subjects. As one would expect, the authors name has been registered in either the Library of Congress or VIAF. Because the OCLC relies on LC (NACO), there is a URL created linking to the authority record for the geographic heading but no other subject headings.