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An introduction to the MARC record editing software MarcEdit

Creating a Mnemonic File for Use in MarcEdit

If you are planning on making edits to an existing MARC record, it can be helpful to create a version of the record(s) in the Mnemonic (.mrk) text format used by MarcEdit’s MarcEditor. It is a very similar process to mapping between schemas, though different functions are used. NOTE: If you select a MARC file from the folder window and try to open it, MarcEditor will automatically open this process to create an .mrk file.

  1. Open MarcEdit from Start Menu
  2. Select the MARC tools icon.
  3. Since this conversion is used for many operations within MarcEdit, MarcBreaker is the first option and is automatically selected. This function translates a MARC record into the text format that can be edited using the Marc Editor. If it is not automatically selected, select it from the Functions menu.
  4. Next select the MARC record you would like to convert in the Input File field and then specify where MarcEdit should save the .mrk file.
  5. Once you click Execute, the file can be found in the directory specified in step 5.
  6. You can select File -> Compile into MARC to convert this edited file (once opened) back into a MARC record.