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An introduction to the MARC record editing software MarcEdit

Edit Indicators

This function is meant to all for indicators of a specific field to be edited without changing the contents of the field or its subfields. You can search for the field by number or specify a string within the field to search for and add the new indicator data.

  1. Open the .mrk file by selecting it in the folder, which should open the file in MarcEditor, or open MarcEditor from the MarcEdit home screen and select the file in File > Open.
  2. Select Tools > Edit Indicator Data. The dialog box shown below should appear:

  1. Enter the field that you would like to edit by entering the number or selecting it from the dropdown menu. If you would like to search for particular indicators or text within the field, enter it in the search fields.
  2. Enter the indicator data you would like to add in the “Replace With Indicators” field. To edit the first indicator, just enter the new indicator in this field. To edit the second, type a slash then the data for the new indicator. When you are finished your dialog box should look something like this:

This transformation will replace the second indicator in the 955 field with a one. You can see the result of this transformation below:

  1. To undo this transformation, select Edit > Special Undo
  2. To convert this edited record back into a MARC record from the Mnemonic format, select File > Compile File Into MARC.
  3. You will be prompted to give the compiled record a name, as the creator of MarcEdit tends to favor the creation of duplicates rather than regularly modifying the same record.