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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


An introduction to the MARC record editing software MarcEdit


Link to Webinar 1

Gives overview of basic settings and built-in functions

Walks through MARC character conversions, breaking MARC file into smaller files, joining MARC records into larger file, batch processing records, and merging records

Link to Webinar 2

Outlines principles guiding XML conversion

Explains how to register an XML conversion

Outlines manipulation of tab delimited data

Link to Webinar 3

Walks through adding RDA fields to existing MARC records

Allow users to manipulate linked data (not fully functional)

 Link to Webinar 4

Walks through specific and global editing functions within MarcEditor

Discusses underlying construction of MarcEditor within MarcEdit

 Link to Webinar 5

Discusses scripting in MarcEdit 


Listserv Archive

MarcEdit Listserv

You will have to first join the listserv, which you can do by following the above link. Once you have joined, you can search the archive. The developer is very active on the listserv and answers many user questions directly. The archive in particular is useful for identifying problems with less popular functions. 


Reese, Terry. "Using MarcEdit to Bridge the Distance between AACR2 and RDA." Journal of library metadata 14.3/4 (2014):281-297. Web.