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An introduction to the MARC record editing software MarcEdit

Create a New Task List

In order to utilize this functionality, you must create a task list to be executed within MarcEdit. This workflow will describe how a task is created, the types of tasks which can be added to a task list, how they can be added and an example of a task list. There are special workflows which will avoid some of this background material as well. The workflow for adding or deleting a task can be found in Add or Delete a Task to an Existing Task List. The workflow for executing a task list can be found in Execute an Existing Task List. To save a task list to a network location, use the Export/Import Task List to Network Location workflow below. 

  1. Open MarcEditor then select Tools > Manage Tasks as below



  1. The following dialog box should appear:


  1. Select “New Task” from the Task Actions drop-down list, click 'Select' and give it a name. Once you click OK it will show up in the Task Lists.
  2. The following dialog box should appear.


  1. To add a new task, select the Add Task button.
  2. Add a description of the task for clarification. The following list will appear:


  1. Each of these options will take you to a screen where you will set up a regular task along the lines of many of the functions that one can perform in MarcEdit on a case by case basis, but in this case the operations will be stored for future use in a task list. If I click on “Add New Field Task” for example, I see this dialog box:


  1. This is very similar to operations performed in the MarcEditor, but the background is a different color in order to signify that it is part of a task list rather than a one-time operation. For operations that have been covered elsewhere in this LibGuide, the table below will link to the operation instructions and provide instruction for creating the task list assuming all operations have been added to the task list. Other than the difference in color, the input screens are identical.


Add Comment The MarcEdit mnemonic format has the ability to add comments that are ignored on compilation.  Comments within the format begin with #. 

Add Replace All Task

Finding and Replacing Text

Add New Field Task

Adding and Deleting a field

Add Delete Field Task

Adding and Deleting a field

Add Field Edit Task

Editing Field Data

Add Edit Subfield Task

Editing Subfield Data

Add Edit Indicator Task

Edit Indicators

Add Swap Field Task

Editing Field Data

Add Copy Field Task

Editing Field Data

Add Task List

This will open a list of tasks already created which you can incorporate into future task lists.

Add RDA Helper

Adding RDA Fields to Records

Add Linked Data Task

Working With Linked Data in MarcEdit

Add Build New Field Task

Building a New Field

Edit Shortcut Accessing Native Regular Expressions
Edit Blank Lines Get Rid of Blank Lines
Cutter Tools Processing Cutters Using OCLC's Classification Web Services
Sort By Sorting Records with MarcEdit

Each time you select a task to add, you will be prompted to give instructions to MarcEdit just as you would if working in MarcEditor. The operations added to a task will be performed in the order they are selected and created. One key difference for operations like RDA Helper or Linked Data is that you do not have to specify the input file or output file when creating the task because it will perform the task on which ever file you are working with. However, this means that you will not create a separate save file which features the result of the operations performed as part of the task. Rather they will be performed on the document in MarcEditor so you will be modifying the original document. Utilizing Save As rather than save is a simple workaround to avoid losing the operation, although there is a Special Undo feature which can undo the execution of a task list.

9. Once you have added a task, it will be added to the list in the Edit Task dialog box, as seen below:


Once executed, this task list will (in order):

  • Add comment
  • Delete the 995 field if present
  • Add linked data using the LC and Subject IDs
  • Remove blank lines

10. Once you have added all tasks, click save.
11. The new task should appear in the Task Manager dialog box, as below: 


Add or Delete a Task To an Existing Task List

This workflow demonstrates how a task can be added or removed from an existing task list. It can be performed on a task list which is created by the user or a task list that is taken from a network location, though in either case it requires the task list to have been already created.

  1. Open MarcEditor then select Tools > Manage Tasks.
  2. Highlight a task in the Task List window and select “Edit Selected Task List.”
  3. A list of all tasks assigned to that task list. To delete a task from this list, highlight it and click the red x icon, as below: The task will disappear upon clicking. Click save and the task will no longer be executed as part of the task list. To add a task to a list click the plus icon. 


Execute an Existing Task List

This workflow demonstrates how an existing task list can be executed in MarcEdit. It also demonstrates the results reports which are generated by MarcEdit following the execution of a task list as well as means of sharing and printing the results of those reports.

1. Open a file in MarcEditor. Select Tools > Assigned Tasks > Currently Available Tasks, as below:

2. You should see a list of tasks you have created. For help in creating a task list, see Create a New Task List. Once you have identified the task, select it. MarcEdit will begin executing the task list.

3. When it is finished, a results report will appear as below


You can copy the results data to your clipboard by clicking the clipboard icon or print it selecting the print icon. To undo this, select Edit > Special Undo

Export/Import Task List to Network Location

Once a task list is created, it is possible to save it to a network location within MarcEdit so that it can be accessed and executed by other users of MarcEdit on the network. To save or retrieve a workflow from a network location, follow the workflow below. 

  1. Open MarcEditor then select Tools > Manage Tasks
  2. The following dialog box should appear:


3. Select the task you would like to export in the Task Lists. Then select Export Selected Task.

4. Navigate to the directory you would like to save the folder to and give the task a name. It will save as a .task file.

5. To import a task from a network directory, select Import Task from the same dialog box pictured above and select the .task file for import. It will appear in the Task Lists menu from here on out.