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Krannert Art Museum: Exhibitions Guide Archive: About the Artists

This guide assembles research guides for past Krannert Art Museum shows.

About the Artists

Here are some resources related to the work of some of the artists included in this exhibition. The library does not have books on all of the artists whose work is included in the exhibition. If you would like to find more information on a particular artist in the exhibition, please contact the Ricker Library and we will do our best of find articles or other resources that might be useful. 

Chto Delat'


Vesic, Jelena. "Look for New Partisans: A Conversation with the Authors of the Video 'Partisan Songspiel. Belgrade Story'." Red Thread (3): n.p.:

Coco Fusco


Davis, Angela Y. "Afro Images: Politics, Fashion, and Nostalgia." Critical Inquiry 21, no. 1 (1994): 37-45.
(This source will require login with University NetID and password, if not on campus)

Dennis, K. (2009). Gendered Ghosts in the Globalized Machine: Coco Fusco and Prema Murthy. N.Paradoxa, (23), 79-86. (This source is available in print only, Main Stacks, 700.8205 NP:

Tameka Norris

Tacita Dean