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Krannert Art Museum: Exhibitions Guide Archive: Homemade with Love

This guide assembles research guides for past Krannert Art Museum shows.

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SOLHOT event from Homemade with Love exhibition website


exhibition text: Homemade, with love: more living room

As the exhibition's website states, "Homemade draws on concepts from Black feminist thought and women artists who critically engage ideas and practices of home and world making, poetics of relation, collective genius, and Black interiority." It features works created through SOLHOT, in dialogue with the work of Jen Everett, and artists in KAM's collection such as Carrie Mae Weems, Doris Derby, and Margo Humphrey.

About the Curator

Picture of curator, Dr. Blair Ebony Smith  Dr. Blair Ebony Smith, pictured left, received her doctorate from Syracuse University in 2019. Her dissertation, "Cruising, Crossings & Care: Sounds of Collective Black Girlhood" is an autoethnography of her involvement with SOLHOT. As she describes in her abstract, "Cruising, Crossings and care, as sounds of collective Black girlhood created in SOLHOT, resound us towards 1) being with Black girls and women across difference in deep love, trust and care 2) remembering Black feminist/women and artists love and care for each other as critical to how we celebrate and organize Black girlhood, together."

Dr. Smith has been at the Krannert Art Museum since 2019 as the DRIVE Postdoctoral fellow. She sees this opportunity as a way to “[extend] my dissertation research focused on Black girlhood, Black feminism, sound art, and music-making that connects public engagement with museum and art education in new and innovative ways.” She also is an artist who performs as lovenloops. Check out her instagram here.

About this Exhibition Guide

In this guide, there are resources and related information to the exhibition's artists, themes and topics that will hopefully provide y'all with some support in exploring further questions and emotions that arise from experiencing the exhibition and on-going events of Homemade with Love: More Living Room.

Specifically, you can find the following after each tab:


  • A poem by Chamara on what SOLHOT is that the organization presents on their public facing About Page.
  • Resources and further descriptions from SOLHOT themselves.
  • Links to SOLHOT We Levitate's music.
  • A video of a conversation with SOLHOT We Levitate.

                    Artists in the show

  • Images, books, and video by and of Margo Humphrey.
  • An interview, images, and online profiles of Jen Everett. 
  • Interviews, books, films, and images related to Dr. Doris Adelaide Derby.
  • Videos, books, and images by and of Carrie Mae Weems.

                    Themes and Topics

  • Books, articles, journals, and poetry related to:
    • Family Meaning Making
    • Black Feminism
    • Black Interiority
    • On Creative Genealogies of Imagination & Making
    • Black Imagination

                     J. California Cooper

  • A range of her books available through the library catalog.
  • Videos of her speaking.
  • A video of her reading some of her work aloud.


This guide was created by Tacia J. Díaz Fonseca, Graduate Assistant at Ricker Library, August, 2020 alongside Emilee Mathews, Head of Ricker Library.

Fair Use Guidelines

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