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Natural and Applied Sciences Archives: Entomology

These topic guides provide a starting point for finding source materials related to the history of science and technology at the University of Illinois. Please note that these guides are not definitive or comprehensive and are periodically updated.

Entomology Archival Holdings

A complete list of record series related to the Department of Entomology is available in the Archives database.

College and Departmental Archives

  • State Entomologist's Correspondence, 1888-1909 (Record Series 43/4/1): Correspondence of Stephen A. Forbes, State Entomologist (1882-1917), with entomologists, agricultural experiment station directors, farmers, nurserymen, orchardists, nursery inspectors, University entomology and zoology professors, and others concerning entomology.
  • Entomology Office File, 1888...1919 (Record Series 43/4/2):  Includes correspondence of assistant state entomologist Willis G. Johnson (1895-96) relating to the identification and description of characteristics of insects and publications; file copies of issuances of the State Entomologist (1888-89, 1894-99, 1905-16, 1919) relating to chinch bug control, San Jose scale, nursery inspections, Hessian fly, and corn root-aphis and forms and stationery used by the Entomologist's Office.
  • Entomology Fact Sheets, 1961- (Record Series 8/3/826): Prepared by entomologists of the Illinois Cooperative Extension Service and the Illinois Natural History Survey for distribution to farm advisors and farmers containing photographs, sketches, and descriptions of names, life cycles, and habits of insects as well as comments on the nature of plant injury, entry and detection, control, and cautions.
  • Entomology Publications, 1987- (Record Series 8/3/926): Contains publications including the Illinois Pesticide Review (1987-), Pesticide Use in Illinois: Results of a 1990 Survey of Major Crops (DP-91-1), and reports on insect pests.
  • Graduate Bulletins and Announcements (Record Series 15/8/803): Includes announcements of department news; fellowships in entomology; and work in insect physiology, toxicology, and biochemistry.
  • Departmental Newsletter (Record Series 15/8/810): Departmental newsletter and its predecessor, The Illient (1934-48), containing news of faculty, non-academic staff, graduate students, and alumni.

Faculty and Staff Papers

  • Walter V. Balduf Papers (Record Series 15/8/20): Includes publications, research datasheets, and notebooks of observations on insect parasites, wasps, bees, and caterpillars.
  • William P. Hayes Papers (Record Series 15/8/21): Includes correspondence relating to Hexpoecia (University Entomological Organization, 1912-35), European Corn Borer reports, the Illinois State Natural History Survey, and the Entomological Society of America; research notes on European Corn Borer and other insects; taxonomic notes on larvae and other insects; notes for entomology courses and lectures; drawings and photographs of insect anatomy; and professional publications.
  • Gottfried S. Fraenkel Papers (Record Series 15/8/22): Includes materials relating to the National Academy of Sciences; research, course and bibliographic notes, and publications relating to the physiology of insects and marine invertebrates, nutrition of bread, vitamins, hormones, and orientation in animals; insect pest studies; and drawings and diagrams of insect anatomy.
  • Robert L. Metcalf Papers (Record Series 15/8/23): Contains materials relating to the World Health Organization; the Tennessee Valley Authority; and his professional research on insecticides, DDT, the Model Ecosystem, oriental fruit flies, environmental toxicology and protection, malaria, cancer, pest management, corn rootworms (Diabrotica), cucurbitacin, neurotoxicity, chemical compounds, pesticide residues and resistance, synergism, systox, carbamates, and biodegradable substances.
  • Clell L. Metcalf Papers (Record Series 15/8/24): Concerns the Chicago World's Fair; World War II; New York State Museum-sponsored study of black flies and punkies in the Adirondack Mountains; pesticides such as dichloro diphenyl trichloroethane (DDT); parasites, insects, and their effects on humans and the environment.
  • Willis Bruce Papers (Record Series 15/8/25): Materials concerning agricultural entomology; heptachlor and other pesticides; and the Illinois Natural History Survey.
  • Stephen A. Forbes Papers (Record Series 43/1/25): Materials related to entomology, ecology, the Illinois Natural History Laboratory, fieldwork, and the collection of scientific information.
  • Lewis J. Stannard Papers (Record Series 43/5/20): Materials concerning research on entomology, with specific reports on thrips and mites.

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