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Scholarly Research Toolbox For Business Administration

Resources for the Illinois Business Administration Faculty and Doctoral Students

BIS Homepage

The BIS Homepage leads to the drop down menu of our most used resources - resources are listed alphabetically.

In addition, there are guides to other areas of interest for pedagogy and research:

Subject Guide

This guide was created by Becky Smith, STEM Entrepreneurship & Business Librarian & Associate Professor, University Library.

Her special services are selecting, evaluating, and negotiating purchases for databases in management, finance, accounting;  and research navigation, especially in locating business historical time-series/archival secondary data.

Contact Becky via e-mail to set up an appointment.


Relevant Libraries

Scholarly Commons:       

For software tools, GIS,  ICPSR data, statistics consultants                                                                                  

Grainger Engineering Library: 

Technology & Patents, Design Idea Lab

International and Area Studies Library

Specialized help in culture and social science information for countries other than US & Europe

Social Science, Education & Health Library :

Economics, Anthropology, Psychology, Labor information, sociology

Communications Library :

Advertising and Communications Theory/Practice