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Study Abroad: Education Sources: Tanzania

This guide is intended for a study abroad course at the College of Education.

Map of Tanzania

Travel Information

The U.S. Department of State provides information on traveling to various countries, including passport and visa requirements. Further information about Tanzania can be found on their website.

UNICEF and the World Bank's Education Initiatives


The World Bank and UNICEF both have initiatives in Tanzania to promote education. The World Bank's program, Tanzania Secondary Education Quality Improvement Program (SEQUIP), aims to make secondary education safer and more accessible to build the human capital of Tanzania. UNICEF has partnered with the government and other local education agencies to promote equitable and quality primary education for girls, those with economic barriers to attendance, and children with disabilities. 

Swahili Language

Natural Disasters and School Emergency Drills

Flooding: There is the risk of flooding on the central plateau during the rainy seasons (mid-March to May and November to mid-January). Coastal flooding is also a natural hazard present in Tanzania.

Droughts and Extreme Heat: These natural disasters are becoming more prevalent in Tanzania as the world's climate changes. Temperatures are rising and water is becoming scarcer, causing the two phenomenon to intensify each other.

Earthquakes and Volcanoes: Tanzania does sit on active fault lines -- the East African Rift System --, so there are occasional earthquakes in the region. There are also volcanoes in Tanzania that have very limited recent activity, with Ol Doinyo Lengai being the most active volcano in the country.

Tanzania's Ministry of Education, Science and Technology

  • Ministry of Education, Science and Technology: Home
    • This homepage for the governmental body that oversees education, provides helpful resources and links to upcoming events, the structure of the organization, and the mission and vision that guides the ministry's work. This online resource is available in both English and Swahili. 
  • Basic Education Data: 2021
    • A wide variety of data is available here for users to peruse, download, and explore. The information is available in spreadsheets, allowing for users to sift through the statistics for the information they are seeking. Data included relates to school enrollments based on various demographic identifiers. Older data is also available for website users to review.
  • Programs and Projects
    • Four major educational initiatives of the Ministry of Education are presented here: Literacy and Numeracy Education Support, ICT and INSET Trainings (STEM support for secondary instructors), and the Secondary Education Development Program (long-term reforms of the secondary educational system). 

Information on the Education System

Cultural Norms

For more information about the history and cultural norms of Tanzania search the library's catalog.

Try searching using the following keywords:

  • Tanzania -- social life and customs
  • Dar es Salaam (Tanzania)
  • Tanzania -- History
  • Politics and culture -- Tanzania