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Study Abroad: Education Sources: Greece

This guide is intended for a study abroad course at the College of Education.

Map of Greece

Travel Information

The U.S. Department of State provides information on traveling to various countries, including passport and visa requirements. Further information about Greece can be found on their website.

Greek Language

Rosetta Stone

This online language learning tool is available through the Literature and Languages Library, under their quick-links section.

Related Periodicals

Journal of Modern Greek Studies

This scholarly journal focuses only on the happenings of modern Greece. The Journal of Modern Greek Studies offers thoughtful analysis of Greek society, politics, and culture from the Byzantine Empire to the current day.

Greek Tourism Report

A quarterly report is developed that investigates the state of tourism in Greece. Topics evaluated include government spending on tourism, developments within the industry, and regulatory changes.

Natural Disasters and School Emergency Drills

Flooding and Landslides: Greece is at risk of river and coastal flooding. Landslides can be a by-product of these flooding events. The local news should be monitored for current information.

Volcanoes: Greece is home to a number of active volcanoes, primarily on the Hellenic Arc. Information about the different active volcanoes, such as the Santorini Volcano, can be found on the Smithsonian's website.

Earthquakes: Greece is the country in Europe with the most seismic activity, due it's location on the North Anatolian Fault. The most recent earthquake occurrences are tracked on the University of Athens' Geology Department's website.

Wildfires and Extreme Heat: Due to climate change, Greece has seen an increase in the number of heatwaves. The nation has also had an increase in the number of wildfires occurring within it's borders. 

Greek Ministry of Education and Religions

The information provided by the country's education administration, available only in Greek, provides introductory data and facts about the nation's educational system and practices. Details are provided for the various levels of education, assessment and evaluation, support for instructors, and announcements for the current school year. Although an official English language translation of this website is unavailable, the auto-translate extensions of web browsers offer the reader a helpful alternative. 

Information on the Education System

World Data on Education: Seventh Edition 2010-2011

Eurydice: Greece

  • This resource provided by the European Union develops reports on the educational systems of 37 European countries, including Greece.

CIA World Factbook: Greece

  • For more general information about the country of Greece, try the CIA World Factbook. This resource provides information about the geography of the country, including natural hazards. Some educational information is included underneath the "People and Society" section.

History and Cultural Norms

For more information about the history and cultural norms of Greece search the library's catalog.

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