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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Qualitative Data Analysis: R for QDA

Resources on conducting qualitative data analysis

Workshop Description

Spring 2023 Schedule 

  • Monday, February 13 at 12pm | Register for this workshop
    • This workshop will be offered in a hybrid format. You may choose to attend in Library 314 or via Zoom. 
    • This workshop will not be recorded. A recording of the Fall 2022 workshop is already available online


Getting Started in R is an open-source and flexible programming language that can be used for all kinds of data analysis, data visualization, text mining, and even document creation. For anyone interested in using R for qualitative or liberal arts research, this workshop will show you how to get started in R with absolutely no coding experience necessary. Because R requires installing (totally free) software, please plan to attend this workshop with the computer you intend to use R on going forward. If you do not have administrator privileges to install software on your computer, please ask your administrator to install the latest version of R and RStudio prior to the workshop. 

In this workshop, you will:

  • Install R and RStudio on your computer
  • Get to know the RStudio interface
  • Try basic coding
  • Learn how packages work in R and how to install them
  • Install packages from the Tidyverse suite of packages for data analysis
  • Produce a simple data visualization using sample code
  • Get started with the Stringr package for text analysis
  • Leave with recommended resources for continued learning on your own

Workshop notes, code snippets, and suggested resources for continued learning are available online