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Qualitative Data Analysis: QualCoder

Resources on conducting qualitative data analysis


Additional resources


This workshop on Free Tools for QDA includes information about QualCoder.


Data capabilities Analysis capabilities Other Features
Code text Intercoder reliability measure: Percent Agreement and Cohen's Kappa Data stored locally
Analyze and code images Manual and automatic coding Can work on projects together (but not simultaneously) and merge projects
Analyze and code video and multimedia files Add memos/annotations to text Aims to support REFI-QDA standard (does not claim to be 100% compliant yet)
Import codebooks and lists Run SQL queries  
Import survey data from Excel or in CSV format Use journals to record thoughts  
Import bibliographic data (.txt or .ris format) Import and create manual transcripts for audio and video  
PDFs converted to plain text Organize codes into hierarchical categories  
Import Twitter data in csv format