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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Qualitative Data Analysis: NVivo

Resources on conducting qualitative data analysis



Additional resources



Data Capabilities Analysis Capabilities Other Features
Code text Text query tools Follows REFI-QDA standard, export as QDPX file
Code PDFs Intercoder reliability measure: Percent agreement and Kappa coefficient NVivo Collaboration Cloud (separate purchase) allows for real-time collaboration and cloud storage
Analyze and code images              Mapping tools: mind, concept, and project maps Data stored locally and on network
Analyze and code video and multimedia files Manual and automatic coding Projects can be merged together into one master file
Import survey data AI coding and analysis Limited compatibility between operating systems (Windows & mac)
Import bibliographic data                                                        Sentiment coding Backwards compatibility with previous versions of NVivo
Import social media data (Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube) Record memos and link content  
  Create annotations  
  NVivo Transcription add-on