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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Illinois Waters Bibliography: Boneyard Creek

A directory of documents on Illinois waters

The Boneyard Creek is a stream in the Vermilion watershed located in Champaign County, IL, flowing into the Saline Branch of the Salt Fork River, which in turn flows into the Vermilion River. The Boneyard basin contains portions of Urbana, Champaign, and the University of Illinois campus, and the creek's watershed is completely urbanized. Flooding and water quality have been issues of concern for the communities through which it flows.

The Boneyard Creek Bibliography was created by then Illinois State Water Survey's (ISWS) Librarian Pat Gobert, in 1998.  Gobert gathered and provided detailed annotations for published and unpublished documents dating from 1915 to 1998 which described the history and management of the stream. Gobert's  bibliography was used as the basis for this collection, for which documents not restricted by copyright were digitized.  Digitization was performed by the University Library.

Boneyard Creek Data