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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


This guide has information on how to deposit and access IDEALS materials for individuals and collection administrators.


  • Accessing and Using IDEALS Content
    • What is IDEALS?
    • How do I create an account?
      • If you have a University of Illinois NetID
      • If you do not have a University of Illinois NetID
    • I can't access the item I want.
    • Is there a fee to use material from IDEALS?
    • Are the items in IDEALS copyrighted or are they in the public domain?
    • I came across this item and would like to use it for research, a presentation, a topic for a company meeting, etc. May I do that?
  • Depositing Works
    • Who can deposit works into IDEALS?
    • Do I need special software?
    • Can researchers or students who are not at Illinois deposit material into IDEALS?
    • Why should I deposit works in IDEALS?
    • How is IDEALS different than posting research on my own web site?
    • Can I still link to my papers from my own web site?
    • How does this service differ from Box? Illinois Compass?
    • Can I use IDEALS to publish an electronic journal?
    • How do I get started?
  • Accepted Material, Format, and Preservation
    • What kinds of materials/content can I put into IDEALS?
    • What formats can I deposit into IDEALS?
    • Can I upload video and audio files into IDEALS?
    • How does IDEALS decide the ranking of file formats for preservation?
  • Copyright and Intellectual Property
    • What rights do I have with this system? Do I have to give up/transfer copyright?
    • I don't hold the copyright to an article or other publication. Can I still submit it?
    • Can I place material someplace else if I've already deposited it into IDEALS?
  • Management of and Access to Deposited Items
    • Can I make changes to an item once I've deposited it into IDEALS?
    • Can I make changes to the descriptive information once I've deposited it into IDEALS?
    • Can I withdraw items?
    • What's the difference between removing/deleting an item, and withdrawing an item? 
    • Who has access to the deposited items in IDEALS?
    • How do I upload many items into IDEALS at once? 
  • What does management of a community or collection in IDEALS entail?
  • What is the OAI-PMH Data Provider URL for IDEALS?