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Study Abroad: Education Sources: Indonesia

This guide is intended for a study abroad course at the College of Education.

Map of Indonesia

Beige and blue map of Indonesia

Travel Information

The U.S. Department of State provides information on traveling to various countries, including passport and visa requirements.

Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture

Ministry of Education and Culture logo

The Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture, known in Indonesian as Kementerian Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan, oversees and organizes early childhood education, elementary education, secondary education, and community education affairs.

Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education logo

Higher education affairs are overseen by the Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education. Their website is available in English and may provide some useful resources, such as information about the Ministry's policies and programs and a variety of statistics.

Indonesian Academy of Sciences

Indonesian Academy of Sciences (AIPI) logo

The Indonesian Academy of Sciences, or AIPI, is an independent organization that brings together Indonesian scientists to conduct research and provide advice to the government and society on the acquisition, development, and application of science and technology. Their website is available in Indonesian, but some reports may be available in English, and may be useful for researching how science is used and taught in Indonesia.

Natural Disasters and School Emergency Drills

Information about school emergency drills such as fire drills or drills for other natural disasters may not be available online. However, another way to be prepared is to be aware of some of the common natural disasters that occur in Indonesia:

  • Earthquakes: Indonesia sits on a region in the Pacific Ocean known as the "Ring of Fire." Due to tectonic plate movements, a large number of earthquakes occur in this area.
  • Tsunamis: Major earthquakes may trigger tsunamis that could occur very quickly after the earthquake. The Indonesia Tsunami Early Warning System issues tsunami warnings when a potential tsunami with significant impact is imminent or expected.
  • Volcanoes: There are many volcanoes in Indonesia which can erupt without warning. Pamphlets from the International Volcanic Health Hazard Network provide information about the potential health hazards of volcanic ash and offer advice on how to prepare and cope with ashfall.
  • Flooding: Heavy rainfalls can cause flash flooding and landslides, even in urban areas.

Finding More Resources in the Library Catalog

To find more background information about the educational system of Indonesia, try these tips for searching the library catalog:

  • Start with our local online library catalog to search the 14 million volumes we have on this campus.
  • In addition to these resources, you can connect to over 70 other libraries in Illinois using the I-Share catalog and request books be sent to you.

Here are some keywords that may be useful in your search:

  • Education -- Indonesia
  • Education -- Asia
  • Education, higher -- Indonesia
  • Early childhood education -- Indonesia
  • Multicultural education -- Indonesia
  • Education -- curricula
  • Curriculum planning
  • Curriculum evaluation

Background Information on Education System

For a brief overview of the Indonesian education system and related topics, try these articles available through the library's collections. The first article is available in print in the Social Sciences, Health, and Education Library's reference collection, and the second is available online.

The following online publications may also prove useful in your research:

  • World Data on Education: Seventh Edition 2010-2011
    This publication from UNESCO's International Bureau of Education provides detailed information on the education systems of 163 countries worldwide, with an emphasis on curricula and curriculum development processes.
  • World Education News and Reviews (WENR): Indonesia
    World Education News and Reviews (WENR) is a news and information source published by World Education Services for professionals in international education. This article focuses on Indonesia and provides information about educational challenges and academic mobility as well as a detailed overview of the country's educational system.

Cultural Norms

For information about cultural norms in Indonesia, try these resources:

To find more resources in the library catalog, try searching using the following keywords:

  • Etiquette -- Indonesia
  • Etiquette -- Asia
  • Culture shock -- Indonesia
  • Visitors, Foreign -- Indonesia
  • Indonesia -- social life and customs
  • Asia -- social life and customs

If you know the specific island or region of Indonesia to which you will be traveling, it may also be helpful to search for general guidebooks on the area.

General Asia-Pacific Education Journals

There are many journals focused on various aspects of education in the Asia-Pacific region. The following journals are available online through the library's website and can be searched for relevant articles: