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Medieval and Renaissance Studies: English

A guide to library resources for Medieval and Renaissance Studies

English Literature at UIUC Library

The Literatures and Languages Library, located on the second floor of the Main Library in room 200, The Reading Room, has a robust collection of materials for English literature of all periods.

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English History: Reference Sources

Associations, Institutes and Societies

Literature Databases

Article Databases
In addition to the general databases listed under Articles in the Starting Research section, you should consult the following:

Primary Source Databases


Subject Headings

English History

England - Civilization - 1066-1485

Great Britain - History - Medieval period, 1066-1485

English Literature

Civilization, Medieval, in Literature

Epic poetry, English (Old) - History and criticism

Literature and Society - England - History - To 1500

Literature, Medieval - History and criticism

Manuscripts (see Manuscripts section for more)

Manuscripts, Medieval - England - London


Community life - Europe - History - To 1500

Emotions in Literature Human Body in Literature

Human body - Social aspects - Europe - History - To 1500

Human body - Symbolic aspects - Europe - History - To 1500

Identity (Psychology) - Europe - History - To 1500

Individuality - Europe - History - To 1500

Love in Literature

Skin in Literature

Old English/ Anglo-Saxon Literature

Subject Headings


Epic poetry, English (Old) - History and criticism

Christian literature, English (Old) - History and criticism

Chaucer Studies

Subject Headings

Chaucer, Geoffrey, -1400 - Criticism and interpretation

Chaucer, Geoffrey, -1400. Canterbury tales

Chaucer Online

Renaissance English Literature