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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Marketing Research

This web page has been created for Business Administration 322 and 529

Free Market Research

Top Market Research Firm (based on Honomichl's 2008 top 50 list)         Website Description (based on mostly Hoovers. Some from LexisNexis) Key Terms (based on company website)   Access Points Amount of free info   Notes
Abt Associates Inc. Government and business research and consulting firm Criminal Justice, Education, Environmental Health, Housing and Community Revitalization, Labor and Workforce Development,National and Community Service, Nutrition, Public Health, Welfare On the left hand index, 1) click on a subject->2) click on "Projects & Publications" Lots  
Abt SRBI Inc. Government and business research and consulting firm Public Policy and Opinion Surveys, Banking and Finance, Telecommunications, Media, Energy, Transportation, Insurance and Health Care Tabs at the top: "Newsroom"-> 1)"Press Links" or 2)"Press Releases" Very little  
Arbitron Inc. Top provider of radio station audience ratings in the US. Media: Radio, Television, Cable and out-of-home Tabs at the top: "Newsroom" -> Index on the right: "News release" (Search by year) Lots   
Bellomy Research Inc. Business research and consulting firm. Varied. Does not seem to specialize in anything in particular. NA None. Located in IL
Burke Inc. Business research and consulting firm. Customer Loyalty, Linkage and Integration, and Employee-Related Research Tabs at the top: "Literature Library"-> "Product Sheets" Some  
C&R Research Services Inc. Business research and consulting firm. Kids, Teens, Boomers, Moms, and Latinos. Tabs at the top: "Online Research"-> "KitzEye Panel" (Recent youth magazine) Some  
comScore Inc. Major measurer of online audience research. Digital Market Intelligence: Media, Mobile, Video, and Internet, Technology.  Tabs at the top: "Blog": short articles (monthly starting 2007) Some Site in multiple languages including Chinese.
Directions Research Inc. Business research and consulting firm. Consumer Packaged Goods ranging from Beverages and Foods to Health and Beauty Aids. NA None.  
GfK Group One of the world's largest market research companies Retail and Technology, and Media.  Search Box in the top right OR tabs in the middle of the pg: "Press (Release)"  Lots  
Harris Interactive Inc. Leading market research and opinion polling firm conducting the famous "Harris Poll." Consumers Opinion: Economy, Education, Entertainmaint, Environment, Health, International Affairs, Market Place, Media, Politics, Science and Technology, Social and Lifestyle.  "Harris Vault" in the middle of the page. Search by "key word", "year" or classification. Lots  
Hitwise Leading market research firm collecting data on consumer behavior, demographics, and purchasing habits. Internet Usage: Web Sites, Search Enginees, Search Terms Tab at the top: "Press Center"-> "Press release" OR "Resources"-> "Data Center" & "Reports & Webinars" Some .
International Communications Research Business research and consulting firm. Brand/Advertising, Motivational Research, Customer/Employee Satisfaction, Multicultural Populations  NA None.  
IMS Health Inc. Sales management and market research services to clients in the pharmaceutical and health care industries Government Agencies,  Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, and Healthcare.  NA None.  
Informa Research Services Inc. Business research and consulting firm. Competitive Intelligence, Market Research, and Mystery Shopping Services NA None.  
Ipsos       Lots Need to register for more information.
Industrial Research Institute   Member, Technology Management, Network, Innovation, Award, Community, Completed ROR Projects, Xchange, R&D Trends Forecast, R&D Leadership Skills & Styles. Top of the page: Library->Browse by topic OR Search by keyword in search box (top right hand corner of the screnn) Lots  
J.D. Power and Associates Marketing information firm, best known for their car ratings.   Autos, Boats, Electronics, Finance, Healthcare, Homes, Insurance, Telecom, Travel, and Business Ratings. Tabs at the top of page: "Ratings." Autos ratings the most extensive.  Some  
Kantar Group One of the world's largest market research organizations.   NA None.  
Knowledge Neteworks Inc. INSERT FROM ONESOURCE Consumer Products, Pharma/Healthcare, Media, Retail, Accademic, Nonprofit, Government, Health Tabs at the top: "Business Sol, Gov & Acc Research, Resources"->Sector     -> "Featured Insights" (techniques) or "Articles and Press Releases" (trends) at the bottom of the page.  Some/Lots.  
KS&R Inc. INSERT FROM ONESOURCE Technology, Telecom, Transportation, Banking, Insurance, Media and Advertising, and Health and Pharmaceuticals. NA None. Unless you count their blog.  
Lieberman Research Group INSERT FROM ONESOURCE Health/Pharmaceuticals, Technology/Telecom, Retail/Resturants, Financial Services, Travel/Leisure, and Transportation/Energy/Government. NA None.  
Lieberman Research Worldwide fd Advertising, Brand, Customer Satisfaction, Product Development, Segmentation, and Tracking  NA None  
Link Group ONE SOURCE Technology, Consumer Products, Healthcare, and Retail NA None  
Market Proble Inc. ONE SOURCE Crop Science, Animal Health, and Pharma. NA None  
Market Strategies Inc.   Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations, Design, Social Media, Branding, and Special Events NA None  
Market Strategies International   Communications, Energy, Financial Services, Healthcare, and Technology. Tabs at the top: "Knowledge Center"   -> "Papers & Articles" Some  
MarketCast   The Global Entertainment Industry: Movie, Television, and Cable. NA None.  
MarketVision Research Inc.   Packaged Goods, Food & Beverage, Lotteries & Gaming, Healthcare, Travel, Tourism, Entertainment, and Financial Services. Tabs at the top: "White Papers" Very little.  
Martiz Research   Automotive, Cable, Consumer Products and Services, Financial Services, Healthcare, Hospitality, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Professional and Business Services, Retail, Telecomunications,  Tabs at the top: "Our Expertise"->Choose a category->"White Papers" Very little  
Morpace Inc.   Automotive, Consumer Products, Financial Services, Healthcare, Retail, and Technology.  Tabs at the top: "Library"->"Fast Facts" (very short) or "Omnibus Report" (few pages) Very little  
MVL Group Inc.   NA NA NA  
National Analysts Wordwide   Communications, Technology, Media, Consumer Products, Energy, Financial Services, Heathcare, and Retail.  Tabs on the left side:"Publications and Viewpoints" Very little  
National Research Corp.   Medical and Health Services.  NA NA  
Nielson Co.   Television, Video Games, Movies, Books, Internet, Music, Sports, Mobile Top of the page: "News & Insights"->"Nielsen Wire," "Press Room",  "Reports & Downloads," "Top 10 & Trends,"  Lots Need to register for more information.
NPD Group   Automotive, Beauty, Commercial Technology, Consumer Technology, Entertainment, Fashion, Financial Services, Food & Beverage, Foodservices, Home, Office Supplies, Software, Sports, Toys, Wireless Tabs at the top: NPD Insights & News and Events (Press Release) Very Little Need to register for more information.
Opinion Research Corp.   Financial Services, Healthcare, Information Technology & Telecomms, and Publics Services.  Tabs at the top: Knowledge Bank Very Little Need to register for more information.
OTX   Marketing, advertising, and entertainment industries.  NA NA  
Phoenix Marketing International   Affluent, Automotive, Business Intelligence, Digital Dimensions, Converged Technology and Media, Financial Services, Healthcare, Insurance, Multicultural, Travel and Leisure and Other Markets.  Tabs on the left side: select a "market" then go to "spot light"  Very little  
Radius Global Markeing Research   Beverages, Entertainment, Financial, Food, Information Technology, Packaged Goods, Personal Care, Pharmaceuticals, Telecommunications, and Transportation. NA NA  
Rti Market Research & Brand Strategy   Consumer Packaged Goods, Financial Services, Media/Communications, Pharmaceutical, Beauty, Mature Market, and Hispanic NA NA  
Service Management Group   NA Tabs at the top: "News & Opinions" Very little.  
TNS U.S.   Automotive, Consumer Goods, and Social & Polling, and Technology.  Tabs at the top: "Insight Center" Very little. Need to register for more information.
Walker Information   Customer Loyalty, Employee Studies, Research, and Global Service. Tabs at the top: "Knowledge Center"     Some.  Need to register for more information.
Westat Inc.   Health and Medical Studies, Education, International, Employment, Training and National Service, Alcohol, Tabacco, and Other Drug Studies, Social Services, Housing, Energy, Science and Technology, Transportation, Environmental Protection, Miliatry Human Resources, Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Organizational and Personnel Studies, Consulting Services and Marketing Research. NA NA  

-Created by John Chan, March 2011