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History 207A: Digital Documentary Publishing

Library resources and strategies for researching the life story of the source you will be publishing for your final project. Fall, 2023.

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Call Numbers

E740-E837.7: 20th century

  • E741-E748: General 
  • E784-805: Harding- Coolidge- Hoover Era, 1919-1933 
    • E785-786: Harding Administration, 1921-1923 
    • E791-796: Coolidge Administration, 1923-1929 
  • E806-812: Franklin Delano Roosevelt Administration, 1933-1945 

Use these subject headings in the Library Catalog:

Subject Headings

New Deal

Homeless persons -- United States


Celestina Savonius-Wroth
History and Newspaper Librarian

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