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Central Asian Sovereignty in the Face of Massive Dislocation: Home

This guide is designed for 2010 Junior Scholars Training Workshop. Moderator: Russell Zanca, Ph.D., Northeastern Illinois University, Anthropology



Welcome to the Junior Scholars Training Workshop

In the last twenty years, the Central Asian republics have witnessed cultural, economic, and linguistic dislocation.  Tracking these massive transformations requires researchers to immerse themselves in print and electronic resources.  Beyond the traditional mixture of print sources and electronic databases, the proliferation of academic portals, journal depositories, digital libraries, and Think Tank publications, have presented scholars with a "potent mixture" of information in multiple formats and languages.  This guide is tailored to meet the moderator's parameters for this SRS workshop, but also includes sources for individual participants.  This libguide is divided into 12 headings or "pages": Moderator Resources; Migration Guides; Databases; Catalogs; Online Resources -- English; Statistics; Online Resources -- Vernacular Languages; Tajikistan: Bibliographic Resources; Kyrgyzstan: Bibliographic Resources; Kazakhstan: Bibliographic Resources; Iran: Bibliographic Resources; Afghanistan Resources.  In addition to this libguide, scholars are encouraged visit to the Slavic Research Guide portal.  We have published numerous guides to national bibliogrpahies, monographic sources, periodical sources, and guides to general subject bibliographies.  We recently added guides to this portal, which may be beneficial to this workshop:  National Bibliography of UzbekistanKazakh National BibliographyKyrgyz Bibliography; National Bibliography and Publishing in Afghanistan, 1871-2009.  In addition to online reserach guides, the Slavic Library has compiled a list of subscription based electronic resources[full-text databases].  Please visit the Slavic Library page for additional information.  


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