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Central Asian Sovereignty in the Face of Massive Dislocation: Kyrgyzstan: Bibliographic Resources

This guide is designed for 2010 Junior Scholars Training Workshop. Moderator: Russell Zanca, Ph.D., Northeastern Illinois University, Anthropology

Specialized Guides

Bibliography of Islamic Central Asia.

Indiana University Uralic and Altaic Series, Volume 160, Part I-III. Bregel, Yuri. Bloomington, Indiana: Research Institute for Inner Asian Studies, 1995.

UIUC Call Number: Central Asian Reference 016.958B746b

v. 1-3. ISBN: 0933070-357. Part I: History; Religion; Culture. Part II: Descriptions and travel; Written sources for Central Asian history; Ethnography; Folklore: Folk entertainments; Physical anthropology. Part III: Archeology; Numismatics; Architecture; Visual arts; Auxiliary historical disciplines; Historical geography; Historiography; Bibliography; Addenda; Indexes. Indices: Index of names (authors, translators, editors, reviewers), pp. 2103-2219; Index of titles (anonymous works, and bibliographical entries, in which the name of author does not precede the title), pp. 2220-2276.

Published in 1995, this bibliography is divided into three parts: "pre-Islamic Central Asia", "Islamic Central Asia before the establishment of communist regimes in Russia and China," and "Islamic Central Asia under the communist regimes." In his introductory remarks, Dr. Bregel cites these sources as the basis for this compiled work: Soviet bibliographical annals; other general bibliographies; general, regional and topical bibliographies of Central Asia; Lists of publications of individual scholars; entire sets of periodicals and encyclopedias. The compiler has limited the scope of this bibliograpy to history, "with all its auxiliary fields and related disciplines, like archeology and ethnography." This bibliography is subdivided into sixteen sections and includes the following: "monographs and articles in periodicals and collective volumes in all languages, except Chinese and Japanese, published from the 17th century A.D. to 1988 (please see footnote 31 for additional comments). The entries for monographs are listed first and followed by articles. Due to the complexities assoicated with transliteration systems, the compiler lists the names of the authors as "they appear in the original." Morever, "...any variant spellings of an author's name... are listed separately in the index, with other spellings cross-referenced." Researchers can browse the extensive ethnography section through subheadings or individual ethnic groups (Section VIII, Volume II, pp. 1081-1381).

Bibliografiia po Sredneĭ Azii: ukazatel' literatury po kolonial'noĭ politike tsarizma v Sredneĭ Azii.

Vitkind, N. IA. Series: Trudy Nauchno-issledovatel'skoi assotsiatsii pri kommunisticheskom universitete trudiashchikhsia vostoka, vyp. 4. Cambridge: Oriental Research Partners, 1971. Note: reprint of the 1929 edition.

This annotated guide to Central Asia and Russian colonial politics addresses the period from mid-nineteenth century up to the revolution of 1917. This bibliography contains approximately 1271 entries. Originally published in 1929, this bibliography is organized numerically and divided into three main sections: bibliographies, pp. 9-15; monographs, pp. 16-94; journal articles, pp. 95-152. In addition to these sections, the compiler has included the following: a systematic index, alphabetical list of reviewers, a list of serials, handbooks, and dictionaries.


Bibliograficheskii ukazatel’ po TSentral’noi Azii, mezhdunarodnym otnosheniiam i geopolitike / M E Shaikhutdinov;  M T Laumulin 

Almaty: In-t mirovoi ekonomiki i politiki pri Fonde Pervogo Prezidenta Respubliki Kazakhstan, 2008.  ISBN: 9786017079154 6017079158

Accession No: OCLC: 298928974

Slavic Research Guide: Kyrgyz Periodical Sources.

Guide to Kyrgyz peridicals was compiled by Mr. Kit Condill, Slavic and East European Library. 

Slavic Research Guide: Kyrgyz National Bibliography

The Kyrgyz National Bibliography page provides an excellent introduction to bibliographies and monographic sources. 

The ethnic groups and empires

An Ethnohistorical Dictionary of the Russian and Soviet Empires.

Olson, James S. Westport, Connecticut: Greenwood Press, 1994. UIUC Call Number: Slavic Reference 305.800947 Et38. ISBN: 0-313-27497-5. Includes: Appendices: Appendix A: Major ethnic groups of the Soviet Union by republic, 1990; Appendix B: Ethnic populations of the Soviet Union, 1926-1989; Appendix C: A brief history of Islam, with speical reference to Russia and the Soviet Union; Appendix D: A Chronology of the Russian and Soviet Empires; Appendix E: Major political subdivisions of the Soviet Union in 1990; Appendix F: Nationality, language loyalty, and religion in the Soviet Union, 1989; Appendix G: Soviet residence patterns by major nationality group, 1989; Appendix H: Ethnic composition of the autonomous unites of the Soviet Union in 1991.

Published in 1994, this ethnohistorical dictionary "...includes entries on over 450 ethnic groups." Edited by James S. Olson, An Ethnohistorical Dictionary of the Russian and Soviet Empires is intended " serve as a ready reference work for students, reserachers, librarians trying to sort out the political and social struggles in that part of the world. The editor has consulted previous ethnographic handbooks to compile this definitive ethnohistorical dictionary. The entries are cross-referenced, enabling the user to grasp the historical controversies, spelling variations, and the complexities associated with group idenity. Mr. Olson's edited work provides an ethnopolitical overview for each ethnic group, followed by a list of references for further study.