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This guide is tailored to students seeking assistance with paper topic selection & related research for Prof. Wilson's Health Law & Bioethics seminar. Other researchers may find this guide useful for finding resources related to health law & bioethics.


This guide will help you select a topic and conduct research for Prof. Wilson's Health Law and Bioethics seminar (LAW 792) .

The guide has four main tabs:

Some tabs have sub-pages which futher divide the topic (For example, Secondary Legal Sources is divided into three sub-pages.) Each page will have an info box on the upper left-hand side which will guide you through the information on the page.

If you need further assistance please visit the reference desk or contact your course librarian, Prof. Michelle Hook Dewey at


Research Deadlines



The second mandatory conference will be held the week of March 2-6. 

a)      Sign up for a time slot at

b)      By Friday, February 27, you must submit the following, at a MINIMUM: (via email to

·         A few paragraphs describing what your paper will cover. This should be, in most cases, richer than the topic you sent in the first assignment.

·         Your revised thesis statement, if it’s changed

·         A list of sources you plan to cite in the paper – this should be a complete list of the sources you plan to cite

As with the first conferences, if you do not hand in a completed pre-conference assignment, you will not be able to meet with the course librarian. You will need to have progressed this far in your research in order to make this conference meaningful.

How to Create a Bibliography:

A bibliography is just a specialized term for a list of publications. What we’re asking is for a list of all the sources you plan to cite in your paper. 

Use Bluebook rules to format each citation.  For readability, we suggest grouping the list by type (e.g., scholarly articles, non-scholarly articles, statutes, cases, etc.), and then ordering chronologically.  We are only concerned about the formatting of your list to the extent that it affects readability, so don’t stress at this point over formatting!  If you’re going to concentrate on a portion of a source, you can pincite the pages you plan to use, but we are primarily concerned about seeing the full list of sources, so that we can evaluate its breadth, depth, and make any suggestions or corrections based on what that list tells us about your research.

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