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Health Law & Bioethics: Journals & Legal Periodicals

This guide is tailored to students seeking assistance with paper topic selection & related research for Prof. Wilson's Health Law & Bioethics seminar. Other researchers may find this guide useful for finding resources related to health law & bioethics.


This page contains information about health law and bioethics legal periodicals. It is important to remember to search in multiple places to locate journal articles because no one resource is complete. 

The information boxes on this page will link to various resources and provide some guidence on how and when to use them for locating articles. 


Bar Journals & Newsletters

Bar Journals and newsletters can also be a useful research tool. These articles are often less scholarly and more practice-oriented, but can still provide a lot of information on current and emerging issues in the law. These maerials might be especially useful during the topic selection phase of your research.

How to Search For Articles

Below is a list of resources which you can search to locate articles and abstracts on health law and bioethical topics. In addition to popular commercial legal research tools such as Westlaw Next & Lexis Advance, you should also search within the library catalog and other journal-specific collections.

If you are searching within a resource and only find and title entry or abstract look to see is there is a "Discover: UIUC full text linking" box next to your entry. This icon will connect you to those UIUC databases which have a full text of the article or a link to the catalog if it is available in print.

                    The "discover" icon looks like this 

Journals and Legal Periodicals

This is a non-exhaustive list of health law and bioethics related journals and legal periodicals.

Health Affairs 

  • This journal explores health policy issues of current concern in domestic and international spheres. Its mission is to serve as a high-level, nonpartisan forum to promote analysis and discussion on improving health and health care, and to address such issues as cost, quality, and access.

Health Matrix

  • A premier journal of legal scholarship focusing on the intersection of law, ethics, medicine, and policy.

Annals of Health Law

  • A student-edited, student-managed national law journal and website, published by the Loyola University of Chicago School of Law Beazley Institute of Health Law and Policy.

Yale Journal of Health Policy, Law, and Ethics

  • A forum for interdisciplinary discussion on topics in health policy, health law, and biomedical ethics which targets a broad and diverse readership of academicians, professionals, and students in medicine, law, and public health, as well as policy makers and legislators in health care.

Saint Louis University Journal of Health Law & Policy

  • This journal features articles that provide in-depth analysis of topical and developing issues in health law and policy.

The Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics

  • A leading peer-reviewed journal for research at the intersection of law, health policy, ethics, and medicine.

BioTech Watch   

  • A weekly BNA publication which provides up to date news in the area of biotechnology.

Links to journals & periodicals.

These services can be used to access law journals and other legal periodicals.