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Health Law & Bioethics: Non-Legal Sources

This guide is tailored to students seeking assistance with paper topic selection & related research for Prof. Wilson's Health Law & Bioethics seminar. Other researchers may find this guide useful for finding resources related to health law & bioethics.


Welcome to the non-legal sources page.  

This page of the research guide will help you locate materials about health and bioethics from a non-legal prespective. It is divided into to two main sections:

The focus of these resources, unlike the legal resources in the previous tab, is based in science.

Searching for Non-Law Material

To locate articles and abstracts on health law and bioethical topics outside of legal resources you can use the same skills and techniques. Remeber to search within the library catalog and other journal-specific collections.

If you are searching within a resource and only find and title entry or abstract look to see is there is a "Discover: UIUC full text linking" box next to your entry. This icon will connect you to those UIUC databases which have a full text of the article or a link to the catalog if it is available in print.  

The "discover" iconlooks like this 

Non-Legal information