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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Finding Images and Video

Images and video collections related to various disciplines.

Images in Books

It's important to note that most images are not digitized, so if you're looking for something unique you may have better luck scanning it from a book. There are three self-service scanners available in the Ricker Library and Scholarly Commons. See our scanner information page for instructions on scanner use. Keep in mind that if you want to present your image in a PowerPoint, it should be at least 72ppi, and about 1024x768 pixels. If you'd like to publish or print the image, it should be at least 300dpi and about 1,500x900 pixels. Please check copyright restrictions and publisher guidelines.

In the details section of a catalog record, the format field will tell you if a book has illustrations. 


Below are a few examples that will help you find images: 

Images in Journals

Many indexes and journals that the library subscribes too allow users to search specifically for pages containing images. Simply look for "page image" in the filter options, or "captions" or "illustration" in drop down menus. Below are a few examples: