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Asian Rare Book Collection: Poetry

886+ vols. The Asian Collection consists of material dating from the 14th to the 20th centuries.

Eiri Kasen 絵入歌仙

Title:  Eiri Kasen 絵入歌仙


Published: Kyoto  京都: Yamamoto, Matabei 山本又兵衛, 1653 承応2

Call Number: PL 758 .K2 1653

Subject: Japanese Poetry

Note: Handwritten note on the value of the book.

Yamagiwa Collection

Shin Hyakunin Isshu 新百人一首

Title:  Shin Hyakunin Isshu 新百人一首 2 v.

Author: Nakanoin, Michimura 中院通村公御 筆

Published: Kyoto 京都 .: 1657 明暦3

Call Number: PL 758.5 .S35 1657

Subject:Japanese poetry--To 1600--Hitory and Criticism

Wakan Roei Shu 和漢朗詠集

Title: Wa-kan Roei Shu 和漢朗詠集 2 v.

Author: Fujiwarano, Kinto 藤原公任 

Published: Kyoto 京都: ca. 1630 寛永

Call Number: PL 758.5 .W35 1630

Subject: Japanese poetry--To 1185; Waka; Chinese Poetry.

Note: Handwritten note on value of the book.

Yamagiwa Collection

Wakan Roei Shu Chu 和漢朗詠集註

Title:  Wakan Roei Shu Chu 和漢朗詠集註 10 v.

Author: Kitamura, Kigin 北村季吟 

Published: Kyoto 京都: 中野小衛門, 1671 寛文11

Call Number: PL 758.5 .W35 N53

Subject: Chinese poetry--Collections

Wakan Roei Shu 和漢朗詠集平加那付講釈入

Title:  Wakan roei shu chu 和漢朗詠集平加那付講釈入 2 v.

Author: Fujiwarano, Kinto  藤原公任; 山崎久作 撰

Published: Edo  江戸: 玉屋久五郎, 1843 天保14  

Call Number: PL 758.5 .W35 Y28

Subject: Japanese poetry--To 1185; Chinese Poetry.

Yamagiwa Collection

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