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Social Sciences, Health, and Education Data and Statistical Sources: Education Statistics

This guide refers primarily to selected sources of descriptive datasets and statistical sources in the fields of social sciences, health, and education and areas within the social sciences, such as crime, population and demography, and arms control.

About Education Statistics

This page focuses on statistical sources specific to educationLinks to international sources of statistical information are included.  Other libraries on campus have additional important sources of statistical information. 

National Education Statistics

National Center for Education Statistics 
Collects, analyzes, and reports complete statistics on the condition of American education; conducts and publishes reports; and reviews and reports on education activities internationally. This site provides access to many reports and publications of the NCES. Publications can be searched by subject, keyword, release date and NCES number. Datasets of surveys can be downloaded, and manipulated using the Data Analysis System (DAS), a Windows application that downloads with the data. Reports include:

State of Illinois Education Statistics

International Education Statistics