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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

A Shelf Browsing Guide to the History, Philosophy, and Newspaper Library

A guide to the printed books collection in the History, Philosophy, and Newspaper Library, as arranged by Library of Congress Classification System, and a guide to the Library of Congress Call Numbers

Subclass P —Philology, Linguistics

  • P1-1091--Philology. Linguistics
    • P101-410--Language. Linguistic theory. Comparative grammar

Subclass PA—Philosophy, History, Ancient Languages

  • PA2001-2915-- Latin philology and language 

Subclass PB—Irish Language

  • PB1-3029-- Modern Languages. Celtic Languages
    • PB1-431--Modern Languages
    • PB1001-3029-- Celtic Languages and Literature
      • PB1201-PB1214-- Irish Language 

Subclass PC—Romance Languages

  • PC1-5498-- Romance Languages
    • PC2001-3761- French Language 

Subclass PE—English Language

  • PE1-3729-- English

Subclass PG—Russian Literature

  • PG1-9665-- Slavic. Baltic. Albanian
    • PG1-7925-- Slavic
      • PG2900-3698-- Russian Literature 

Subclass PJ—Jewish Studies

  • PJ1-9500-- Oriental Philology and Literature
    • PJ4501-5192-- Hebrew
    • PJ4543-4937-- Hebrew language (Biblical and Modern) 
    • PJ5061-5192-- Other languages used by Jews
      • PJ5111-5192-- Yiddish Language and Literature

Subclass PK—Indo-Iranian Languages and Literatures

  • PK1-9601-- Indo Iranian Philology and Literature
    • PK6001-6996-- Iranian philology and literature
      • PK6201-6399-- Language
      • PK6400-6599.7--Literature
        • PK6420-6561-Sufi Poetry 

Subclass PL—Languages and Literatures of Eastern Asia, Africa, Oceania

  • PL1-8844-- Languages of Eastern Asia, Africa, Oceania
    • PL501-889-Japanese Language and Literature 
    • PL1001-3208-- Chinese Language and Literature 
      • PL1001-1960-- Chinese Language
      • PL2250-3208-- Chinese Literature


Subclass PN—Literature (General)

  • PN1-6790-- Literature (General)
    • PN1993-1999--Motion Pictures
    • PN4699-5650-- Journalism. The Periodical Press, etc.
      • PN4840-5648-- By region or country

Subclass PQ—French Literature-Italian Literature-Spanish Literature-Portuguese Literature

  • PQ1-3999-- French Literature
    • PQ1600-2726-- Modern Literature
      • PQ1947-2147-- 18th Century
      • PQ2149-2551-- 19th Century
      • PQ2600-2651-- 1900-1960

Subclass PR—English Literature

  • PR1-9680-- English Literature
    • PR111-116-- Women Authors
    • PR161-488-- By Period
      • PR251-369-- Medieval—Middle English (1066-1500)
      • PR401-488-- Modern English Authors

Subclass PS—American Literature

  • PS1-3626-- American Literature

Subclass PT—German Literature-Dutch Literature-Flemish Literature since 1830

  • PT1-4897-- German Literature