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A Shelf Browsing Guide to the History, Philosophy, and Newspaper Library

A guide to the printed books collection in the History, Philosophy, and Newspaper Library, as arranged by Library of Congress Classification System, and a guide to the Library of Congress Call Numbers

Subclass K: Law (General)

Subclass KB: Religious Law

Subclass KBM: Jewish Law. Halakah

Subclass KBP: Islamic Law

Subclass KBR: Canon Law

Subclass KD: Law of the United Kingdom and Ireland

Subclass KF: Law of the United States

Subclasses KI-KIL: Law of Indigenous Peoples

Subclasses KJ-KKZ: Law of Europe

Subclass KL-KWX: Law of Asia and Eurasia, Africa, Pacific Area, and Antarctica

Subclass KZ: Law of Nations