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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

A Shelf Browsing Guide to the History, Philosophy, and Newspaper Library

A guide to the printed books collection in the History, Philosophy, and Newspaper Library, as arranged by Library of Congress Classification System, and a guide to the Library of Congress Call Numbers

Subclass G: Geography (General), Atlases, Maps

  • G1-143: General
  • G149-180: Travel. Voyages and travels
  • G200-336: Discoveries, explorations, and travels
  • G369-503: Special voyages and travels
  • G530: Travel narratives by traveler or ship (A-Z)
  • G535-537: Pirates
  • G725-890: Arctic regions
  • G1000-9980: Maps and atlases

Subclass GN: Anthropology

  • GN1-265: General
  • GN269-279: Race
  • GN281-286: Human evolution
  • GN289: Population genetics
  • GN345-348: Philosophy of anthropology
  • GN357-367: Culture and cultural processes
  • GN406-442: Material culture
  • GN470-474: Religion. Ritual. Belief systems
  • GN475: Magic. Witchcraft.
  • GN476: Science and knowledge
  • GN477: Medicine
  • GN478-491: Social organization
  • GN492-495.2: Political organization
  • GN495.4-498: Societal groups
  • GN502-517: Psychological anthropology
  • GN537-674: Ethnic groups and races
  • GN700-890: Archaeology

Subclass GR: Folklore

Subclass GT: Manners and Customs

Subclass GV: Recreation